A variety of Genestealer Cult Hybrid Metamorphs displaying the different mutational gifts they have received from the Hive Mind.

Metamorph Weapons are the biomechanical weapon mutations which develop among the Genestealer Cult hybrids known as Hybrid Metamorphs as a Tyranid Hive Fleet closes on a world with a large cult population. The purpose of these mutations is to produce among the cult warriors similar to true Tyranid weapon beasts who can prepare the world for the arrival of the true power of the Great Devourer.

Metamorph Hybrids essentially bristle with bio-weaponry. The obscenely strong Metamorph Claws can mangle flesh and armour in a single spasming grasp. The Metamorph Whips borne by these creatures are cords of muscle that thrash about at frightening speeds, whereas Metamorph Talons are long, razor-edged claws of serrated chitin.


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