aka Zix

  • I live in The Tricon Palace
  • I was born on October 16
  • My occupation is Inquisitor
  • I am Male
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  • Thank you for completing the Shriven page, Zixes. However, as we have spoken about before many, many times, you cannot just cut and paste content without going over it for all of the typos, errors and lack of links. A wiki page without the proper links is effectively useless -- just read the book or original source. Proper links is why a wiki is useful.

    If you want to do large pages, you must do them to the standard which we expect and to which you are now long-accustomed. Go over the edits I made to the page to see what has to be done to content after it is pasted into the wiki. At this point, while I appreciate that you are trying to be helpful, I really need you to step up and do what's required on pages like this or please stick to short pages, as you're just creating more work for me. Thanks.

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