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  • Hi Esparza. Thank you for the addition of all these Battlefleet Gothic Armada 2 articles. However, many of these articles do not meet our formatting and standards guidelines for pictures and content. Most have now been repaired. However, before creating any more, please look over the edits that were made to your work and adjust the formats accordingly. Any further articles and pictures added that do not meet these standards, including the proper legal disclaimer on every piece of art work, will be removed.

    Additionally please do not add more than a few articles at a time (about 3-4 a day) so that our mods and admins may check them to ensure they meet our standards.

    Please read ALL of the important articles on the main page before doing any further edits, as they will explain in great detail what must be done to create proper pages and add pictures to our database.

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  • Hi Esparza! This is Zixes. You're doing a great work with all these ships articles! But maybe you should stop and let our admin check them?

    If you want to reply then just leave a message at my message wall.

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