Meniscus is the name of a Feral World within the Cellebos Warzone of the Jericho Reach. The planet is covered in life, from plains of head-high grass to waterfalls thick with microbial life and noisome swamps where new forms of predator and prey evolve daily.

Here, among the hills that rise above a forest of spongy fungal trees, is an obscene nation built on the worship of dark gods.

Meniscus was founded by the leader of a Chaos Cult drawn there by ecstatic visions. Several thousand members of the so-called "Most Sanctified Host of the Young God" arrived here and, instead of seeing a world in the painful throes of new life, saw a promised land.

Two generations have passed since then. Meniscus is primitive by necessity, with its people living in treetop homes or networks of caves, armed with spears and armoured in the hides of the slug-like native carnivores.

They are led by a core of ancient cultists who teach them from birth that the only god is the "Young God," a being of immense power who lives in the Warp, and that this world is just a paper-thin membrane between the Human mind and the contemplation of the Young God.

The Young God promises visions, and to receive them, the braves and seekers must seek out the most painful and exhilarating experiences that Meniscus can offer.

Those who succeed learn that the Young God is the prince of the Warp and that by following him they can ascend beyond their Human minds and experience the realities of the universe.

All this happens under the eye of Mother Scarifal, the cult's high priestess, who dreams of opening a door to the Young God's court and letting his glory through into this drab and undeserving galaxy.


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