Menazoid Sigma is a world that was part of the sector known as the Sabbat Worlds where the Imperium of Man's massive Sabbat Worlds Crusade was underway.

Imperial Guard units from the Tanith First, Vitrian Dragoons, Oudinot Irregulars, Afghali Ravagers, Pragar, Mordian Iron Guard, Cadian Armoured, Sarpoy Mechanised Cavalry, Borkellid Hellhounds, Samothrace 4th, 5th and 15th, Ketzok 17th, Lattarii Gundogs and Jantine Patricians regiments converged on a target that turned out to be an intact STC fabricator for the artificially intelligent robots known as the Men of Iron.

After an assault where the Jantine Patricians turned on the Tanith First and a series of monoliths triggered a trap that killed many Guardsmen, Colonel-Commissar Ibram Gaunt and a specially selected squad of his troops destroyed the fabricator as it began to produce Chaos-tainted Men of Iron.


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