Melta Cannon - Reaver

Melta Cannon mounted on a Reaver-class Titan

The Melta Cannon is a massive Imperial Melta Weapon that makes use of a miniature fusion reaction to produce a blast of intense, searing heat.

This weapon system is commonly mounted on Reaver-class and Warlord-class Titans, but also can be mounted on the carapace hardpoints of a massive Imperator-class Titan. A smaller version of this weapon system is also mounted upon the Devil Dog variant of the Hellhound.


The Melta Cannon works by sub-molecular thermal agitation in a manner comparable to microwave irradiation. This formidable heat-based Plasma Weapon induces a minute, sub-molecular nuclear fusion reaction within a highly pressurized pyrum-petrol fuel mix, and then projects the resulting plasma from the barrel as a blast of super-intense heat capable of melting plasteel or plascrete, and its devastating effects instantaneously evaporate living tissue, as all moisture vapourises explosively.

The Melta Cannon makes no noise when fired, but the super-heating of the air produces a distinctive hiss which becomes a roaring blast. The one drawback to this weapon is that it can only be used effectively at close range, so it is employed for close assault and support.


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