A Mark XIX Lucifer Pattern Melta Bomb used by the Imperial Fists Legion during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy eras.

A Melta Bomb is a type of explosive device that makes use of Melta Weapons technology to unleash potent blasts of thermal energy and is employed by both Imperial and Aeldari military forces. Typical examples have dimensions analogous to that of a Imperial or Aeldari grenade, but can be manufactured larger with a resulting increase in explosive force. When activated, a Melta Bomb explodes with an intense blast of thermal energy, literally "melting" the target away.

A Melta Bomb works by inducing a minute, uncontrolled, sub-molecular reaction within a highly-pressurised pyrum-petrol fuel mix located within an metallic casing, which rapidly reaches a critical stage and unleashes a blast of incredible heat.

Like all Melta Weapons, Melta Bombs are especially useful to breach voidships' hulls and heavily armoured vehicles and fortified emplacements. Melta bombs are used by magnetically attaching them to a wall, hull, or bulkhead where they emit a furious, high-intensity melta beam when they detonate that instantly cuts through even the thickest armour.

While they are not designed to serve as anti-personnel mines, anyone unfortunate enough to be on the other side of a surface that a Melta Bomb is attached to will still take possibly mortal wounds from the searing heat as the unleashed Melta beam blasts through into the room or compartment. Melta Bombs come with an integral timer that can be set for one Terran hour.

Notable Patterns

  • Mark XIX Lucifer Pattern Melta Bomb - The Mark XIX Lucifer Pattern Melta Bomb was a pattern of Melta Bomb commonly employed by the Space Marine Legions during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy eras of the late 30th and early 31st Millennia.


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