Medusa Siege Gun

A Medusa Siege Gun used by the Imperial Guard's 88th Siege Army during the Siege of Vraks

The Medusa is an Imperial heavy artillery siege gun used by the siege armies of the Imperial Guard to bombard heavily fortified enemy positions. Besides its field artillery companies, the backbone of any siege regiment of the Imperial Guard are its heavy artillery companies. The heavy artillery pieces used by these companies are the big guns, deployed well back from the front lines to provide a sustained bombardment of the enemy forces during a major set-piece engagement. Imperial heavy artillery includes the Imperial Guard's workhorse Earthshaker Cannon, and the aging Medusa heavy siege gun. Both types of heavy artillery fire sustained bombardments, box barrages to isolate a battlefield from enemy reinforcements, harassing fire during an enemy advance, counter-battery fire to suprress enemy artillery and destructive fire at selected enemy units, all spotted for by artillery officers who serve in the dangerous duty as forward observers on the front lines.

The Medusa siege gun fires a heavier shell than the Earthshaker Cannon at a lower velocity over a shorter distance. The heavy shell has excellent destructive capabilities, but the Medusa cannot match the Earthshaker for its longer range and so is less useful for harassing fire and counter-battery fire missions. Instead, it is primarily used to destroy enemy fortifications, such as bunkers, pillboxes, walls and trenches. The Medusa, like the Earthshaker, are too large to be towed by a Centaur field utility vehicle, and the larger Trojan vehicle is needed instead. The Trojan can also carry the gun's crew and some of its ammunition as needed.

Siege regiments of the Imperial Guard are supported not only by their own heavy artillery companies but also by the overall army's bombardment corps. These are concentrations of heavy artillery pices like the Earthshaker and the Medusa that back up the attacking regiments and are used to maintain sustained bombardments before the launch of major offensives against an enemy's entrenched, fortified positions.


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