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Mawdrym Llansahai, known as "The Smiling One" and "Bloody Bones", served as a Primus Medicae within the Apothecarion of the Night Lords Space Marine Legion during the Great Crusade and the Horus Heresy eras of the late 30th and early 31st Millennia. Born to the Nostraman ruling class, Llansahai was inducted into the VIII Legion and was trained as an Apothecary. Unlike their fellow healers amongst the other Space Marine Legions, Night Lords Apothecaries took part in overseeing interrogations and in the inventive torture techniques plyed upon the unfortunate victims of the Legion's infamous terror tactics. These dark activities slowly began to erode the young Apothecary's sanity, and soon Llansahai found himself being punished for performing illicit experiments in pain upon his victims. He was dragged before his Primarch Konrad Curze for censure and possible execution. His life was temporarily spared, but he was forced to bear the mark of his shame by wearing gauntlets painted arterial red, a Nostraman gang tradition that was carried over into the Legion practices of the Night Lords. This punishment indicated that Llansahai was deathmarked, but as a condemned individual living on borrowed time, he still had labours to perform before he would be allowed to die. During the Drop Site Massacre of Istvaan V, Llansahai worked sadistic tortures upon the wounded and the dying. The insane Apothecary managed to continue to survive both enemy action and attempts on his own life by his fellow Legionaries. His devil's luck for surviving these attempts only seemed to further cement his sinister reputation. Llansahai's ultimate fate following the Horus Heresy is currently unknown.


Amongst the Night Lords there were those who overstepped the bounds of even what that infamous Legion considered sane. One such was the Apothecary Mawdrym Llansahai, or "Bloody Bones" to give him the nickname granted him without irony by his Legion. A Nostraman by birth and a child of that benighted world's ruling class, Llansahai registered as both highly intelligent and psychologically stable, and showed great aptitude and ability for the VIII Legion's Apothecarion in which he was placed. The Night Lords Apothecaries were charged with other arts than mere healing; they were needed to oversee interrogations, contrive inventively malignant punishments and keep their "subjects" alive and lucid far longer than they wished to be. Having risen to become a Primus Medicae, Llansahai was master of these twisted surgical arts and those who wielded them, and slowly and surely they began to corrode his sanity. Soon it was discovered that he was performing numerous unsanctioned vivisections and surgical experiments. Dragged in chains to his Primarch for judgement, Llansahai was released under suspended sentence of death and was forced to bear the mark of his shame by having his gauntlets painted arterial red. A warrior's gauntlets were marked this way when he had failed the Primarch gravely enough to warrant death. He would wear the stain of failure on his hands until his execution, which would only come at the hour of the Primarch's choosing. Although afterwards a shunned and dreaded pariah amongst his Legion, Llansahai survived, a monster among monsters, and on Istvaan V he worked unspeakable horrors upon the Loyalist Legions' wounded and dying. Feared and mistrusted, even amongst his own Legion, Llansahai survived both enemy action and attempts on his life by his comrades, seemingly often by sheer chance alone. This only served to enhance the Primus Medicae's dark renown. His ultimate fate following the Horus Heresy is not currently recorded.



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