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Captain Galenus, the Ultramarines' Master of the Marches

The Master of the Marches is the title given to a Space Marine Captain of a Codex Astartes-compliant Chapter who not only leads an entire company of Space Marines in battle, but also has the additional responsibility for overseeing the total deployment of his Chapter's fighting strength. It is his knowledge of Chapter dispositions that the Chapter Master turns to when readying for war.

The Master of Marches is wholly devoted to his duty as he gazes at a massive length of parchment held aloft by a Cyber-cherub, which contains critical data. Upon his backpack are twin Vox-casters which are utilised to project orders across the noisy battlefield. The Master of the Marches is wholly devoted to his logistical duties and oversees immense amounts of data.

Notable Masters of the Marches