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The Master of Sanctity, also sometimes styled High Chaplain or First Chaplain, is the head of the Chaplaincy in a Chapter of the Adeptus Astartes and head of the Chapter cult, its conglomeration of beliefs and cultural practices.

Different Chapters sometimes use different titles more in line with their own culture for this crucial position.

One of the Masters of the Chapter, the Master of Sanctity oversees its spiritual health by assigning Chaplains to the individual companies.

Immediately beneath the Master of Sanctity among a Chapter's Chaplains is the Reclusiarch, the head of the Reclusiam. In some Chapters the responsibilities of the Master of Sanctity and the Reclusiarch are merged into the same office.

Variant Title
Dark Angels Grand Master of Chaplains
Space Wolves Wolf High Priest
Crimson Fists High Chaplain
Word Bearers First Chaplain
Grey Knights High Paladin
Blood Angels High Chaplain
Salamanders Lord Chaplain
Excoriators Santiarch
White Scars Voice of the Storm
Iron Hands Father of Iron
Executioners Lord Speaker of the Dead
Ultramarines Master of Sanctity


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