"If you bear the honour and glories of the past, you must also bear its duties."
Danarth Lysander, Imperial Fists First Captain
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An Ultramarines Master of Relics

The Master of Relics is a Space Marine Captain who in a Codex Astartes-compliant Chapter is charged with the duty as the acting commander of a Chapter's Devastator Company, an unmatched expert in the tactics of long-ranged warfare. He is also the custodian of the Chapter's many technological masterpieces, the most dangerous of which are brought to the battlefield in times of exceptional strife. The Master of Relics is often clad in ancient patterns of Power Armour, and armed with an impressive array of master-crafted weapons from the Chapter's armouries. He projects an aura of stoic watchfulness as he directs a withering look upon distant foes. On his backpack is installed a targeting array which matches the angle of his gaze, gathering telemetry information to be fed to his Devastator Marines.