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The Mark of Khorne

The Mark of Khorne is a Mark of Chaos granted to those Champions of Chaos who have sworn their loyalty to Khorne, the Blood God.

The Mark of Khorne is seen most often amongst Chaos Space Marines of the World Eaters Traitor Legion. The Khornate Berzerkers used by this legion are the most common bearers of this Mark of Chaos.

Individuals that have earned the Mark of Khorne are marked by the Blood God, either as a physical mark emblazoned on a prominent part of their body or a more secretive but no less permanent mark upon one's soul.

While the sigil if physically present causes no actual damage to the bearer, it continually weeps blood. These marked individuals are constantly driven to spill additional blood for their dark patron.

When given this mark, the wearer is imbued with Khorne's battle rage, becoming utterly merciless in close combat while losing any sense of fear or restraint.

Khorne does not actually care about his Chaos Champions, all that matters is that blood is spilled, and from whence the blood flows is of no concern. 

The barbaric rune is often branded or carved onto its bearer, only adding to the cruelty of Khorne's followers.


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