The Marines Vigilant was a Space Marine Chapter of unknown origin and Founding. In the course of their operations, the minds of the entire Chapter of the Marines Vigilant were shattered after an encounter with an unknown xenos or Warp phenomenon.

This encounter destroyed the willingness of the Marines Vigilant's Astartes to engage in combat of any kind, and they retreated to their homeworld.

In response to this grave threat to the Imperium's defence, the Inquisition and the Adeptus Terra ordered the Crimson Fists Chapter to destroy their altered brethren. The Crimson Fists very reluctantly accepted the order.

But even as the Crimson Fists' fleet unleashed an orbital bombardment upon the Marines Vigilant's homeworld, the altered Astartes refused to raise a hand against their executioners. The entire Chapter was destroyed.

Chapter Appearance

Chapter Badge

The Marines Vigilant's Chapter badge is not listed in Imperial records.

Chaoter Colours

The Marines Vigilant's Chapter colours are not listed in Imperial records.


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