A Magna-melta that serves as the main armament on a Salamanders Deimos Predator Infernus.

A Magna-melta is a heavy, vehicle-mounted, short-ranged, area-effect heat ray cannon. Magna-meltas were originally designed for space assault craft like the Caestus Assault Ram to enable them to turn a large cubic volume of starship hull-plating into liquid slag.

The effects of a Melta Weapon of this magnitude on less durable targets such as main battle tanks and living matter are simply catastrophic.

The potential uses for this powerful weapon were not lost on the Mechanicum Tech-priests of Mars, who soon began mounting the Magna-melta upon the turrets of the Deimos Predator Infernus during the Great Crusade.

This ancient pattern of relic Predator tank has now largely been replaced by the Land Raider Redeemer in many Space Marine Chapters of the late 41st Millennium.


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