001.M32 Third Founding The Third Founding of the Adeptus Astartes occurred during the first year of the 32nd Millennium. This Founding included two Successor Chapters created from the gene-seed of the Imperial Fists (Executioners) and the Blood Angels (Flesh Eaters), respectively. The Executioners are scions of the proud line of the Imperial Fists. Founded under the command of Fafnir Rann, reputedly the most vicious of Primarch Rogal Dorn's later Captains, they were created for the sole task of seeking out and slaughtering Mankind's foes rather than undertaking a more defensive or strategic purpose. The Flesh Eaters are an infamous Successor Chapter of the Blood Angels that were also created during the Third Founding. This ruthless Chapter's unsavoury reputation is infamous across the Imperium of Man, as are the bloody deeds purported to have been enacted by its Battle-Brothers upon the fields of battle. It has been rumoured that the Flesh Eaters have been fatally undone by the mutations within their gene-seed.
ca. Early-M32 A Legacy Begins A halfborn Eldar slave -- known only as Vect -- vows that he shall rule the Dark City, even if it takes an eternity to do so. Vect founds the Cult of the Black Heart, the first organisation to openly refer to themselves as Eladrith Ynneas or "Dark Eldar". The Thirteen Foundations of Vengeance are laid down at this time, an intricate code of dishonour destined to spread through the society of the Dark City in the centuries to come. The impact of Vect's rise to power will resonate through Commorragh's history for millennia to come.
Lasgun Becomes Standard Armament The Imperial Guard Autogun is replaced as the standard-issue weapon for Guardsmen by the Lasgun due to advances in laser technology during the 32nd Millennium. The Lasgun is still the standard weapon of the Imperial Guard nearly 10,000 Terran years later in the 41st Millennium. A few Imperial Guard regiments still prefer the Autogun. Traitor Guardsmen kept alive from the time of the Great Crusade into the present by the time-warping effects of the Immaterium also continue to make use of it.
Establishment of the Imperial Cult The Emperor, always an object of veneration, only increases following after being joined to the Golden Throne. Many Imperial cults arise over the following centuries, the majority of which are united into a larger body known as the Ecclesiarchy. This powerful body gains momentum until, by the 32nd Millennium, it is granted the status of official religion of the Imperium and the title of Adeptus Ministorum.
Unknown Date.M32 Vengeance from the Void Across a hundred scattered systems in the western marches of the Segmentum Solar, cult uprisings led by a core of Chaos Space Marine warbands drawn from the Iron Warriors, Night Lords and World Eaters Traitor Legions bring entire planetary governments to their knees in a year of blood and anarchy. With whole sections on the brink of collapse, events take a dramatic turn when a combined force of the Adeptus Astartes emerges from the black depths beyond the spiral arm and launches a sudden and overwhelming attack directly upon the uprising’s command. Though many Space Marines fall in glory, the warlords of the Traitor factions are slain and the uprising fractures into a thousand localized rebellions which are soon put down by local forces. Subsequent Inquisitorial studies claim that these Space Marines are drawn from several Chapters, including the Minotaurs, Carcharodons, Death Eagles and Angels of Absolution. Other evidence however, including their estimated Founding and projected deployment dates, contradict these assertions, consigning the entire event to conjecture.
Rise of Maleziel A ferocious Warp Storm throws the Imperial prison ship Maleziel off-course while enroute to a Prison World, where it crashes on a planet in the area of the Koronus Expanse called Winterscale's Realm. Some 10,000 guards, inmates and crew survive the crash, whose descendants go on to establish the Penal World of Maleziel.
First War of Faith The First War of Faith is conducted against the Confederation of Light. All but a handful of the Heretics are slain, and the remainder flee into the ruins of their homeworld of Dimmamar.
Foundation of the Jericho Sector After an interregnum lasting over 1200 standard years and often riven with bloodshed, the Imperium of Man's hold over the Jericho Reach is finally fully cemented, and it is re-designated the Jericho Sector in the great Imperium Universalis. The sector capital is the Hive World of Verronus which once served as a Great Crusade way-station and has maintained its likes to the wider human domains in the preceding centuries, while the Shrine World of Eleusis gains prominence some centuries later for its native saint and because, legend claims, it was blessed with the tread of the Emperor’s own foot. The foundation of the sector is not without incident, however, as a suppression campaign must be fought against shadowy xenos forces who have begun to prey upon the stars of the southern zone around the star system of Oertha. The menace is driven off, and the [CENSORED], one of the Fleet-based Space Marine Chapters who take part in the campaign, claim title and right to the Feral World of [CENSORED] as one of their recruiting grounds, binding them in part to the defence of the Jericho Sector.
ca. 100.M32 The Cursus of Alganar Upon the Desert World of Tallarn, a dark stone is unearthed covered in strange carvings. Shortly after, the Eldar of Craftworld Biel-Tan attack the desert raiders of the planet in forces. As the battle rages, a full-scale daemon invasion erupts from the location of the stone, known as the Cursus to its discoverers. The Imperial Guard regiments of Tallarn, the Tallarn Desert Raiders, and the Eldar of Biel-Tan combine forces against the daemon legions, banishing them from the planet in a last-distch assault. The Cursus is subsequently buried deep beneath a rockcrete barrier.
161.M32 The Ravening Storm The Imperial mining colonies of Ichtar IX are cut off from the rest of the Imperium for nine Terran centuries by turbulence in the Immaterium. When the Warp Storm recedes, nothing remains of the 20 million miners who had lived there. The planet is devoid of all intelligent life; naught attests to the unimaginable agonies the populace endured whilst imprisoned by the daemonic legions of Chaos.
200.M32 A New High Lord Ecclesiarch Veneris II becomes a High Lord of Terra. He is the first Ecclesiarch to be accorded the honour of serving on the Senatorum Imperialis and this event marks both the acceptance of the Imperial Cult as the state religion of the Imperium of Man and the rise of the Adeptus Ministorum to become one of the most influential Adepta in the Imperium.
243.M32 The Secrets of Chaos Uncovered Inquisitor Damakso first postulates that the Chaos Gods must use mortals to project their power outside of the Empyrean and into the physical universe, usually by transforming them into Daemonhosts or into Champions of Chaos, though the latter can only occur through the free will of the mortal.
ca. 300.M32 Ecclesiarchy Ascendant After three centuries, the seat for the Ecclesiarch, the leader of the Imperial Cult's clerical hierarchy, is permanently reserved on the Senatorum Imperialis of the High Lords of Terra.
544.M32 War of the Beast - The Beast Arises An Imperial strike force comprised of the Imperial Fists Chapter and supporting Imperial Guard regiments are sent to the world of Ardamantua to eradicate the threat known as the Chromes, a race of metallic insectoid-like xenos, which is located perilously close to Terra. During the fighting, an Ork Attack Moon suddenly appeared in orbit which caused massive geological stresses on the planet. The Greenskins launched an assault on Ardamantua and proceeded to overwhelm the Imperial forces, killing Lord Commander Militant Heth and wiping out the entire Imperial Fists Chapter, with the exception of one battle-brother, Captain Koorland. The massive Ork WAAAGH! of The Beast rampages across the Imperium on a massive scale, growing in size until it becomes the greatest greenskin invasion that the galaxy has ever known, eclipsing even the one defeated by Horus upon the world of Ullanor during the height of the Great Crusade. The Beast's WAAAGH! continues to ravage several Imperial worlds and destroys several, including the Hive World of Udine. In one final act of spite, the Imperial forces of Udine detonate three Heresy-era virus bombs to deny the greenskins their world's resources. The Orks also destroy the Forge Worlds Incus Maximus and Malleus Mundi, and the Fists Exemplar's Space Marine Chapter Homeworld of Eidolica.
The Last Wall A large fleet of Imperial Navy vessels engaged an Ork Attack Moon at Port Sanctus. In the meantime, Koorland, the 'Last Son of Dorn', is now the de facto Chapter Master of his decimated Chapter. He arranged a meeting between several of his fellow Scions of Dorn in the Phall System, which included representatives from the Black Templars, Crimson Fists, Excoriators and Fists Exemplar. Koorland invoked the "Last Wall Protocol", a contingency established by Lord Dorn himself, that was only to be enacted in the event Terra was under grave threat, or perhaps even fallen, then the Scions of Dorn would come together to deal with the matter as one. Even if the Imperial Fists Chapter itself were destroyed, the old Legion would remember. On Terra, tensions between the bickering High Lords of Terra threaten the stability of the Senatorum Imperialis. To make matters worse, another Ork Attack Moon appeared in orbit over the Throneworld itself.
Attack on Terra Ecclesiarch Mesring called for a Proletarian Crusade to attack the Ork Attack Moon orbiting Terra. But without the bulk of the Imperial Navy to reinforce the Imperial military forces, Juskina Tull, a member of the High Lord of Terra and Speaker for the Chartis Captains recalled as much of the Merchant Fleet to comply and carry the Proletarian Crusade force, which primarily consisted of untrained Terran civilians. The Orks crushed the Proletarian Crusade force by manipulating the surface of their Attack Moon, making it impossible for the Imperials to do significant damage. Following this victory, the Orks dispatched a message to the High Lords of Terra demanding the surrender of the Imperium. Soon thereafter, an Eldar warhost arrived in orbit over Terra. Meanwhile, a branch of The Beast's WAAAGH! take Klostra, a world near the Warp rift known as the Maelstrom, that belonged to a Grand Company of Warmsith Kalkator of the Iron Warriors Traitor Legion. Only the Warmsith and the ravaged remnants of his Grand Company managed to escape the onslaught of the greenskin army.
Assault on the Ork Attack Moon High Marshal Bohemond leads his Black Templars Chapter in the attack alongside his fellow Scions of Dorn Successor Chapters against the greenskins' massive Attack Moon in orbit over Terra. In the battle's aftermath, a tense meeting was held between the Last Wall Chapter Masters and the Lord Commander of the Imperium, Udin Macht Udo. The outspoken High Marshal expressed his disdain for both the squabbling and weak-willed High Lords of Terra as well as the Lord Commander. After Lord Commander Udo passed a motion to ban the Inquisition from the Senatorum, Koorland led a political coup in cooperation with several members of the Senatorum Imperialis. The Chapter Master was then named the new Lord Commander of the Imperium.
Return of Vulkan & First Invasion of Ullanor After his disappearance in the mid-31st Millennium, the Salamanders Primarch Vulkan reappeared during the War of the Beast nearly 1,500 years later. He single-handedly defended the world of Caldera from a massive greenskin invasion. Though he died several times, due to his immortal nature as a Perpetual, he is able to regenerate time and again, and continued to lead the fight at the forefront. Vulkan's one-man war was unveiled by the Inquisition, and newly-appointed Lord Commander of the Imperium Koorland, led an expedition to the world to recruit the Primarch to fight against The Beast. Vulkan initially refused to join the crusade, until he was able to save Caldera from destruction, honouring a vow he made long ago. With help from Koorland and his forces, they are able to destroy an Ork Attack Moon in Caldera's orbit, thus averting catastrophe. After the world of Ullanor Prime was identified as where The Beast and his massive WAAAGH! originated from, Vulkan led the Crusade to Ullanor. Together, the Last Wall Chapters invaded The Beast's capital world, focusing upon the capital city of Gorkogrod, fighting alongside the Primarch. At the battle's epic conclusion, Vulkan charged into The Beast's massive temple-Gargant, intent on facing the Ork Warlord alone. During their epic confrontation Vulkan slew destroyed the temple-Gargant in a massive explosion, which seemingly obliterated both Vulkan and The Beast.
Creation of the Deathwatch The situation drastically changed when the long-dormant Attack Moon over Terra reactivated. With its sub-space gate seemingly repaired, a massive force of Ork reinforcements soon swarmed the Attack Moon, as The Beast announced that he would slaughter all of humanity. After Vulkan seemingly failed to slay The Beast on Ullanor, Koorland was instrumental in the creation of the Deathwatch, the future Chamber Militant of the Ordo Xenos, despite the reluctance of the High Lords of Terra. A Kill-team successfully teleported on the Attack Moon and reverse engineered the Orks subspace-technology. Unfortunately, the Adeptus Mechanicus were unable to master the Ork technology, and as a result, when they attempted to teleport the Attack Moon out of the Sol system, they inadvertently teleported only half of the massive Attack Moon, which caused the remaining half to shatter. The fiery debris then rained down upon Terra, with some of the flaming wreckage damaging the Imperial Palace.
Return of the Sisters of Silence Undeterred, Koorland realised that in order to defeat The Beast and his WAAAGH!, they need to counter the greenskin's potent WAAAGH! gestalt psychic power. Koorland received a helpful lead by the High Lords of Terra's Inquisitorial representative, Veritus, to the world of Nadriries, located in the far reaches of the Segmentum Pacificus. It was here, that the last forgotten bastion of the Sisters of Silence had remained for 1,500 years. When Lord Commander of the Imperium Koorland arrived, he found Nadiries under siege by the Orks, who feared the pariah psyker-killers. Koorland led the effort to lift the siege, and once inside, he attempted to convince the reluctant Sisters to join him in his crusade. The leader of the Sisters explained that they had been cast out by a distrustful Imperium, and although they were fiercely loyal to the Emperor and the Primarchs, they would rather see the now-corrupt Imperium burn, rather than aid it in its time of need. Koorland convinced the reluctant Sisters to join him only after he revealed that he had the blessing of the Primarch Vulkan himself.
Second Invasion of Ullanor Devising a new plan to defeat The Beast, the Deathwatch captured several Ork psykers on Eidolica, Plaeos and Valhalla. Koorland intended to use the null effect of the anti-psyker Sisters of Silence to create a reverse-WAAAAGH! effect through the Ork psyche, and essentially decimate the greenskin hordes of The Beast. Conducting a successful experiment against a large Ork force on the world of Incus Maximal, the greenskins were utterly devastated. After this success, a second invasion of Ullanor was launched, which included several battered Adeptus Astartes Chapters (Dark Angels, Space Wolves, Blood Angels, Ultramarines, Raven Guard, Black Templars, Crimson Fists, Excoriators, Fists Exemplar, Iron Knights, Brazen Claws, Aurora Chapter, Iron Snakes, Storm Lords), the Deathwatch, several Imperial Guard regiments that are veterans of the first campaign, Frateris Templar, Skitarii and Legio Cybernetica cohorts, several Imperial Knight Houses, Inquisitorial Storm Troopers, a small cohort of Sisters of Silence and a Warlord and Warhound Titan, all that remained of the Legio Ultima. Maximus Thane, Chapter Master of the Fists Exemplar, would lead these forces in the invasion phase. Meanwhile, Koorland led an elite assassination force which consisted of Black Templars High Marshal Bohemond, Deathwatch Chapter Master Asger Warfist, a six-member Deathwatch Kill-team, an Officio Assassinorum agent Esad Wire, Skitarii Ranger Alpha 13-Jzzal, a squad of six Sisters of Silence led by Kavalanera Brassanas, Commissar Heliad Goss and two Ogryns. Adeptus Mechanicus Magi Phaeton Laurentis and Eldon Urquidex accompanied the strike force and escorted the bound Ork psyker intended to be used as a sacrifice to slay The Beast. Several damaged warships were sacrificed by plunging them into the Ork energy shield which protected the capital of Gorkogrod. Seizing the initiative, Koorland and the assassination force teleported into the central palace, but were soon ensnared in a cunning trap, as The Beast reenergized the energy field and launched a large Ork fleet to ambush the orbiting Imperial fleet. Koorland's force eventually fought their way inside the Beast's throneroom where they found six thrones, six statues and six banners. Seated in one of the thrones was a massive armoured Ork, whose size rivaled that of a walker. The assassination force soon found themselves surrounded by a force of Warboss-sized, Mega-Armoured Meganobz. As the rest of the Imperial forces attempted to fight off the Meganobz, Koorland and the other Astartes engaged The Beast. Though they were severely outmatched by the massive Ork, they were able to hold him off long enough for the Magi and the Sisters of Silence to activate the reverse-WAAAGH! ritual. The null effect of their Sisters of Silence Pariah-gene caused the Ork psyker to implode, which started a chain-reaction amongst the greenskin horde and swept across Ullanor. The Beast's Meganob guards and vehicles were disabled, but the null effect only temporarily disabled The Beast, which allowed Koorland and the other Astartes to launch a desperate final attack, which narrowly slew the foul warboss. This victory was short-lived however, as another larger and more vicious Warboss entered the throneroom after the first one died. Koorland came to the shocking realisation that the slain Beast was one of six 'Prime-Orks', each a Beast in its own right, and a commander of their own Greenskin 'Legion'. The new Beast and its reinforcements easily swept aside the Imperial assassins before confronted Koorland, and killed the 'Last Son of Dorn' by stomping down on him. With the Lord Commander of the Imperium apparently dead, the Imperial assassin force fled with Koorland's body, and the Imperial forces withdrew from Ullanor.
The Beast Defeated Eventually the Greenskin forces of The Beast are defeated during the Third Battle of Ullanor, as the Imperium resorts to the most extreme measures, and at great cost to the Adeptus Astartes. At this point, the Imperial Fists Chapter is reconstituted with Aspirants and Veterans from the various Scions of Dorn Successor Chapters and reserve gene-seed stock from the vaults on Terra. Maximus Thane, former Chapter Master of the Fists Exemplar, assumes command over the Imperial Fists after the death of Koorland during the Second Battle of Ullanor. He is then elected the new Lord Commander of the Imperium. He decrees that a Fourth Founding of Space Marines will take place to help recoup the Astartes losses during the War of the Beast. Thane also informs the High Lords that he will be removing the Imperial Fists from Terra, to take them on an Imperial Crusade to help liberate and rebuild worlds lost during the conflict. He makes Drakan Vangorich Lord Protector -- to act as his voice and hand in the Senatorum Imperialis. Thane also promises the High Lords that the threat of his return should keep the newly promoted Vangorich in line.
546.M32 The Beheading The internecine politics of the Imperium take a calamitous turn when the twelve High Lords of Terra are slain to a man on the orders of Drakan Vangorich, the Grandmaster of the Officio Assassinorum. Fed up with the petty squabbling and self-interest, he slays all the High Lords with the exception of Wienand, the Inquisitorial Representative, whom he has romantic feelings for. Chapter Master Thane hears of these events, but does nothing, preferring to give Vangorich the opportunity to manage the High Lords of Terra and the Senatorum Imperialis, and provide effective rule over the Imperium for once.
522.M32 The Child of the Beast As the Orks rampage across the lmperium in unprecedented numbers and lay waste to many thousands of worlds, a vast Space Hulk called by the Orks that infest it 'Da Iron Worm', marauds across the Uhulis Sector. Inexorably passing from world to world, nothing can stop the green tide unleashed from within its cavernous holds. Battlegroup Azezel, the Fortress Worlds of Armstrong and Velgagrad and the Forge World of Temaxia are destroyed one after the next, leaving the sector's core worlds in the VI-Seraph Cluster and their hundred billion souls prostrate before the Ork onslaught. Their doom is averted when a Warp Storm erupts and blasts the Da Iron Worm and its ramshackle fleets off course and deep into the Empyrean. Pursuit voidships attempt to follow the vessel, but the storm is savage and many are lost. The last communication heard from them is that the Da Iron Worm has plunged into the heart of the Dark Marches. It does not return.
580.M31-632.M32 The Forgotten Wars Rumours lead the Dark Angels, with two of their Unforgiven Successor Chapters, to embark upon a harrowing campaign in pursuit of several known Fallen Angels. In hindsight it is easy to see that the Ruinous Powers baited the Dark Angels, luring them into the swirling edge of the Eye of Terror. Only the Dark Angels' irrepressible resolve allows them to escape, and they pay a high price in casualties.
597.M32 2nd Black Crusade In 597.M32, the Warmaster of Chaos, Abaddon the Despoiler, launched his second offensive against the Imperium of Man and initiated the 2nd Black Crusade. This time, Abaddon placed a terrible curse upon the worlds of the Belis Corona Sector, infusing them with the touch of the Warp. Meanwhile, his Black Fleet attacked the sector's Imperial shipyards, destroying dozens of Imperial Cruisers being constructed or repaired. Before the Imperium could muster its strength to fight back, the Despoiler retreated into the Eye of Terror, his works complete.
626.M32 Fury of the Space Marines Nearly eight standard decades after Vangorich seized total control over the Senatorum Imperialis, a Space Marine retribution force comprised of the Crusading Imperial Fists, and newly formed Halo Brethren and Sable Swords Chapters land upon Terra to forcibly remove the corrupt Lord Protector Vangorich from power. The commander of the strike force, Qublicus Amar, lord of the Sable Swords, is assassinated by a Vindicare Assassin's bullet soon after making planetfall. Seeing no other choice, the remaining Space Marines commenced their attack nevertheless. Assailed by hundreds of Imperial Assassins, the Space Marines lost half their number securing the Imperial Palace from the agents of the Officio Assassinorum. They eventually track Vangorich to the Eversor Temple at the north pole of Terra and launch their final assault. The Space Marines are assailed by a hundred Eversor Assassins. Only Chapter Master Maximus Thane managed to survive to reach the Grand Master and deliver the Emperor's judgement with his Bolt Pistol. In the aftermath of Vangorich's fall, the Imperium would proceed to descend into a period of anarchy for some time.
646.M32 Reunited Agnathio, Chapter Master of the Ultramarines, unites over fifty leaders from other Chapters of the Adeptus Astartes and arrives upon Terra. Such a show of power and faith puts an end to the squabbling for the contentious seats of the High Lords of Terra that has consumed the differing factions since The Beheading. In forced council with the mightiest of Mankind's warriors, such matters were quickly sorted. None knew exactly what was done or said, but when the Space Marines departed back to their far-scattered missions and homeworlds, there were once again twelve High Lords of Terra. If there was further dissension, none dared speak it aloud.
742.M32 First Battle of the Fang The Space Wolves' fortress-monastery on the world of Fenris, The Fang, is attacked by the Daemon Primarch Magnus the Red and his Thousand Sons Traitor Legion in revenge for the Space Wolves' participation in the destruction of the Thousand Sons' own former Legion homeworld during the Fall of Prospero early in the Horus Heresy. For forty days and forty nights the Thousand Sons assaulted the citadel. Bjorn the Fell-Handed, the most ancient of the Space Wolves' Dreadnoughts, was woken from his long sleep and took charge of the defence. The assault was held at bay as a force of Scout Marines under Haakon Blackwing escaped to Gangava to locate Harek. Shamed and furious, Great Wolf Harek Ironhelm returned to meet Magnus in battle on the slopes of the Fang itself. Although Magnus was terribly wounded, even Harek could not stand against the power of a Primarch who had been further exalted to become a Daemon Prince of Tzeentch. Harek was slain, but the Thousand Sons were ultimately defeated and scattered, the Traitor Legion's warbands forced to return to the Planet of the Sorcerers within the Eye of Terror.
751.M32 Naogeddon Discovered Rogue Trader Xiatal first catalogues the world of Naogeddon from orbit.
888.M32 The Astropath Wars
909.M32 3rd Black Crusade Abaddon the Despoiler launched his 3rd Black Crusade in 909.M32, sending the Daemon Prince Tallomin against the Cadian Gate in a reckless and bloody frontal assault. The daemonic horde that followed in Tallomin's wake accounts for the destruction of millions of lives and draws in Imperial Guard regiments and Space Marine Chapters from across the Segmentum Obscurus. Eventually, warriors of the Space Wolves manage to send Tallomin howling back into the Warp. Under the cover of the attack, Abaddon led a dedicated strike force to desecrate the Shrine World of Gerstahl, breaking the ancient seal on the tomb of the Imperial Saint Gerstahl and utterly destroying his remains whilst the Imperium's attention was directed elsewhere
910.M33 The Firestorm
990.M32 Assassination of Xantaka The Culexus Assassin Dranos is sent to destroy the Thousand Sons Chaos Sorcerer Xantaka before he can conjure any more daemonic legions from the Warp. Being all but invisible to not only the the æthersight of Xantaka's Daemon armies but also his Rubricae bodyguard, Dranos simply walks up to the Sorcerer Xantaka and burns his brains to ash with a blast of negative energy.
998.M31-899.M32 The Scouring of Omegath Tzeentch grants the Lord of Change Ix'thar'ganix, known as the Slayer of Destinies, a glimpse of a child born upon the world of Omegath who would mature to become a powerful oracle. Ix'thar'ganix craves the power of this mortal child and uses his magic to open a Warp rift upon Omegath. For twenty days, the daemonic legions he has gathered sweep across Omegath seeking to oracle-to-be. The daemons disappear mysteriously after an attack on a small farm commune out in the wind-fields.Unknown to the local army chiefs, Ix'thar'ganix has found his prize and stolen the boy's psychic powers of foresight. The broken populace of Omegath are left ignorant of what has befallen them, save that when the Warp rift receded, nearly a thousand standard years has passed in realspace.
ca. Late M32 Adoration of the God-Emperor Every world in the Imperium apart from those claimed by the Space Marines or the Adeptus Mechanicus boasts a grand cathedral, and billions of shrines have been built to the Emperor's glory.
M32-M35 Golden Age of Jericho With the wider Imperium swelling to a peak of power and influence, the Jericho Sector is but one of many that bloom into a renaissance of power and achievement as scores of Imperial worlds of every type are raised up from the rubble of past failures and the un-trodden soil of alien worlds in Mankind’s name. The Jericho Sector becomes both a bastion and exemplar of Imperial civilisation and majesty carved from the cold wilderness of space with a burgeoning population that quickly soars into the hundred of billions. The Jericho Sector is a hub of Imperial commerce and industry with its bloody past all but forgotten, a realm of piety and devotion whose renown is such that it is spoken of on Terra as a gem of Humanity’s domains. Its goods are sought after as far afield as blessed Ultramar and distant Espandor. With the passage of millennia the power and fortunes of the Imperium wax and wane, but the Jericho Sector manages to remain strong and prosperous despite the vicissitudes of war, invasion, and petty disaster. However, the dawning of the 35th Millennium heralds both a darkening of the sector’s fate and the coming of the Deathwatch into the known histories of the Jericho Reach.


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