• 001.M3 Human Genome Unlocked - Mankind's scientists complete the sequencing of the human genome, allowing for significant advances in genetic research.
  • 100.M3 Mars Terraformed - By the start of the 22nd Century, Mars becomes the first human colony world to be terraformed. It is given an atmosphere and its deserts are transformed into fertile soil. Mars is then settled by industrial cartels and their workforces, quickly growing into the first human Hive World in subsequent centuries.
  • Discovery of the Immaterium (Unknown Date.M3) - Scientific advances of the third and subsequent millennia bring some basic knowledge of the Warp to humans.
  • Colonisation of the Solar System (Unknown Date.M3) - Humanity begins to colonise the Sol System using conventional sub-light spacecraft. Colonies are established on Mars, and on the moons of Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune.
  • Humanity Colonises the Galaxy (Unknown Date.M3) - Humanity uses Ohnyl Cylinders (O'Neill Space Colonies) to spread beyond its own home solar system to local habitable planets in other nearby star systems. However, such early interstellar colonies would not reestablish contact with Terra until millennia later.


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