"A good soldier obeys without question. A good officer commands without doubt."

— Sergeant Lukas Bastonne quoting from the Tactica Imperium
Sgt. Bastonne

Sergeant Lukas Bastonne

Sergeant Lukas Bastonne is one of the most highly regarded and capable non-commissioned officers within the ranks of the Cadian Shock Troops regiments of the Imperial Guard.


Lukas Bastonne was born into one of Cadia's noble families, his lineage guaranteeing him a prestigious position as an Imperial Guard commissioned officer. However, the young Bastonne eschewed a life of privilege and wealth and instead embraced the hard-knock life of a common Guardsman. His driving passion, which bordered on the fanatical, ultimately propelled him to a meteoric rise within the ranks of the fable regiments of the Cadian Shock Troops. It was readily apparent that Bastonne was gifted with a brilliant tactical mind that enabled him to assess and adapt his squadron's movements on the fly and target priorities on a continuous basis. His gifts as a capable tactical leader soon saw him promoted to sergeant. Sergeant Bastonne led his men to many heroic victories during a score of high profile battles throughout his career.

Bastonne is both blessed and cursed to possess an eidetic memory which enables him to have extraordinarily detailed and vivid recall abilities. He has the innate ability to recall past battlefield situations and combat experiences with absolute clarity, enabling him to use this tactical knowledge and readily apply it to any given situation. But this gift carries a dark side, for Bastonne can recollect each and every Guardsman who has ever died under his command. He gives no outward sign that these deaths effect him, but some whisper that the faces of his dead troops torture him in his nightmares. It is even rumoured that beneath his neatly-pressed, high-collared dress uniform his skin is riddled with tattoos -- the names of every fallen comrade inscribed into his flesh. This is Bastonne's lasting tribute to those brave souls' sacrifice and the events that led to their demise. Bastonne has created this living memorial to his comrades in case his uncanny memory ever fails him.


Lukas Bastonne is the epitome of a professional solider, willing to accept self-sacrifice and providing a role-model that all Cadian soldiers aspire to emulate. His chiseled features are the public image of the Cadian Shock Troop regiments and his face is the most recognisable on the world of Cadia. Sergeant Bastonne's attitude of leading by example, combined with his demonstrated courage and valour, have earned him the unconditional respect of both his superiors, peers and subordinates alike. Sergeant Bastonne follows a warrior ethos of duty and honour that both impresses and intimidates his comrades. This has enabled him to carry out every single order and complete every mission he has ever been tasked with.


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