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Lord General Lugo was one of the senior Imperial Guard commanders that served under Warmasters Slaydo and Macaroth during the Sabbat Worlds Crusade.


In 773.M41, on the Imperial world of Herodor, Lord General Lugo commanded a large force of Imperial Guard and local Herodorian troops drawn from the world's Planetary Defence Force that was tasked with defending the Civitas Beati -- the sacred balneary shrine and religious centre of Saint Sabbat -- from an encroaching attack by the Forces of Chaos. Reliable information in regards to what occurred during the attack remains unclear with the exception of the early stages of the assault. A young raven-haired woman emerged from the Imperial citizenry claiming to be the reincarnated saint. Though the validity of this supposed saint was called into question by Lugo's detractors at the time as some claimed she was merely an actress selected to play the part by Lugo in order to boost Imperial morale.

However, it now appears that the truth of the matter is far more extraordinary. Whatever her mysterious origins, this unidentified girl took on the mantle of the Beati, and for all intents and purposes became the beloved Saint Sabbat. Exhibiting powers and abilities beyond the normal ken of mortals, this Living Saint inspired the Imperial forces, stirring their resolve with her holy presence. The Imperial forces rallied around the Living Saint, engaging Magister Enok Innokenti's foul Chaotic host at the Civitas Beati. A vicious battle ensued as the Saint and her army routed the Chaotic forces and slew their Magister.


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