Lucius the Eternal, otherwise known as the Soulthief, Fulgrim's champion and the Scion of Chemos is a Lord Commander of the Emperor's Children legion of Chaos Space Marines.


Lucius rose to prominence many millennia ago when he lead a bodyguard of Assault Marines with such passion and zeal that he was promoted to the rank of Lord Commander by his Primarch, Fulgrim. Forsaking all other experiences other than that of combat, Lucius bore the battlescars of combat with pride. Over time, he would come to equate pain with great success. When the Emperor's children where challanged to challenge the rebellion of Horus, Lucius had cut deep patterns across his head and chest, linking the scars of centuries of battle into irregular patterns that distorted and deformed his features. His near constant self-infliction of pain was seen by his Space Marine brothers as a commendable amrk of devotion and peity.

Lucius continued to distinguish himself as the Legion descended into the worship of Slaanesh. He fought with incredible speed and skill and, almost invincible, he was a force of nature that could not be bested. Lucius remained undefeated until he finally met his match at the hands of Commander Cyrius. His agonising death was felt by Lucius as an experience of transcendant pleasure. Slaanesh however, was not about to let such a promising protege slip into death. Over the next few weeks, the artificer armour Cyrius wore began to warp and change. His hgair fell out in clump, and dark lines appeared under his flesh, slowly pushing through his skin in a maze of scar tissue. Soon, Lucius emerged completley, and all that was left of Cyrius was a screaming, writhing face embedded for eternity in Lucius's armour.

Now, Lucius roams the galaxy as a arrogant and sadistic slaughterer who can never truly be killed. Whoever slays him and takes a moment of triumph in the act will find themselves transforming, slowly and painfully into Lucius. The armours he wears writhes with the howling soul remains of many such unfortunates, giving Lucius no end of satisfaction. His skill with his chosen weapons, an ornate sabre and a daemon-infested whip are unsurpassed by any who follow Slaanesh. He leads his warhost with asn unnatural charisma and total confidence, welcoming death with as much passion as he inflicts upon his foes.


Lucius is armed with a Power sword and his personal daemon weapon, the Lash of Torment. He also bears the mark of Slaanesh upon his armour of Shrieking souls and is equipped with combat drugs, and is empowered with the Aura of Acquiescence and Daemonic strength.

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