A Lord of Battles Daemon Engine of Khorne

The Lord of Battles is a colossal Daemon Engine used by the Forces of Chaos that is completely dedicated to the service of the Chaos God of war and bloodshed, Khorne. While Khorne despises the use of Warp-based psychic abilities and sorcery as weapons unfit for a true warrior, he does not only rely on the sword and axe to collect skulls -- technology and even sorcerous weapons are also sometimes utilised to increase the tally of the fallen. The Lord of Battles and other Khornate Daemon Engines are examples of this reality, the fearsome fusion of machine and daemon-kind. The Lord of Battles is the greatest of the Daemon Engines in the service to Khorne, and possibly any of the other Chaos Gods. This daemon-machine is the largest Daemon Engine known to the Imperium, and is comparable in size to a small Titan. The Lord of Battles is a towering construction of Warp-forged black iron and brass covered in defensive Runes of the Blood God that protect it from psychic attack. A Greater Daemon of Khorne, a Bloodthirster, is the potent daemonic spirit unwillingly bound into this construct for the greater glory of the Blood God. The Greater Daemon is bound to the Lord of Battle's mechanical chassis, allowing it full control of the construct's arms and upper body. The creature can be armed with several different Titan-class weapons, including a colossal, tank-sized Hellblade for close combat mounted on its right arm, and a Death Storm Cannon mounted on its left arm. The Daemon Engine is armed with a large ballistic weapon known as a Bloodletter Battlehead which is a massive Warp-forged cannon implanted within the construct's leering "head." The Lord of Battles is such a powerful Daemon Engine that if it is destroyed on the battlefield the resulting explosion as its possessing daemon is expelled from realspace is catastrophic and may even tear a rent in the fabric of reality, opening a catastrophic Warp Vortex that can ravage the area and pull the enemies of the Blood God into the Warp itself.



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