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An Ultramarines Lord Executioner

The Lord Executioner is a Space Marine Captain who in a Codex Astartes-compliant Chapter serves as the master of the Chapter's Assault Company, usually designated as the 8th Company. He is a brutal and direct individual, not so much given to glittering heroics and flamboyant challenges as short, bloody and efficient close combats.

Clutching his favoured master-crafted melee weapon in his hands, he strides purposely into battle, an expression of a stone cold killer writ on his face as he heads towards his grim duty.

His Artificer Armour is often impressively detailed with embossed skulls, scrollwork and multiple Purity Seals. Of all the Space Marine Captains within a Chapter, the Lord Executioner is the most menacing.

Notable Lord Executioners

  • Captain Numitor (Ultramarines) - Captain Numitor serves as the current company commander of the Ultramarines 8th Assault Company. He was elevated to this position by Chapter Master Marneus Calgar in the wake of his predecessor's death. It is noted that Numetor was chosen over by then-Sergeant Cato Sicarius for this position due to the latter's tendency to use his battle-brothers as distractions instead of a unit.
  • Captain Atheus (Ultramarines) - Captain Atheus was the former company commander of the Ultramarines' 8th Assault Company. He was killed during an assault on the Dal'yth Sept by the infamous T'au Commander Farsight.