A standard Long-Las

Favoured by Imperial Guard Sharpshooters, the Long-Las, originally known as the "Sniper Variant Lasgun," is a specially modified version of the standard Lasgun constructed for increased range and accuracy.

In addition to the redoubtable Lasgun's many variants, there are certain types of weapons that exhibit differences enough to be considered separate weapons. One such weapon is the Sniper Variant Lasgun, better known as the Long-Las.

Such weapons are only ever issued to those Guardsmen of the Astra Militarum who have displayed a flair for marksmanship, stealth operations and scout movement, for such weapons are difficult to produce and require more training and intelligence to utilise properly.

A Long-Las is a modified standard pattern Lasgun with an XC 52/3 strengthened barrel, which is both longer and thinner than the usual model. The strengthened barrel allows for increased range and greater accuracy.

The rifle does not have a charge setting slider, instead employing specialised ammunition known as a hotshot power pack. A hotshot power pack is a high-power energy magazine with liquid metal batteries that fires fewer blasts, though a single power pack is good for approximately twenty shots. However, the hotshot power pack compensates for this by providing the weapon with a greater lethality index.

Due to the increased power of the shot, the stress on the barrel is considerable and the resultant metal fatigue means that a sniper needs to replace the barrel with greater frequency than they would that of a standard pattern Lasgun.

A long flash suppressor fitted to the gun muzzle ensures that the telltale flashes of the Long-Las' shots does not betray the sniper's position, though standard practice remains to relocate after each shot. The Long-Las variant is also quieter than a standard pattern Lasgun, which is another advantage for a sniper.

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