The Lok'Kroll Xenocide was an Imperial Crusade carried out by the Novamarines Space Marine Chapter against the foul Lok'kroll xenoform from 119.M37 through 164.M37. This campaign is notable for being the last time the Novamarines fought together in full Chapter strength. The Novamarines had volunteered to be at the forefront of carrying out an Edict of Extermination against the Lok'kroll. These hulking invertebrate aliens, having damned themselves in the worship of the Ruinous Powers, had quickly risen up within the span of no more than a century to carve out a pocket empire to the galactic south of the Warp anomaly known as the Storm of the Emperor's Wrath located in the Segmentum Ultima. Given their rapid expansion and the massacre of several Imperial colonies and mining outposts in the region, the decision was thereby taken by the Imperium to scour them from the stars before they could grow into a greater threat. Under the Novamarines' direction, the alien domains were systematically blockaded by squadrons from Battlefleet Ultima, while the Novamarines, supported by the CIX Phyrus Army Group and numerous Deathwatch Kill Teams, attacked and destroyed the isolated Lok'kroll outposts and nest-worlds one at a time, often employing Exterminatus-class weaponry sanctioned by the edict. Nothing now remains of the Lok'kroll save for a few taxidermically preserved specimens at the Bastion Geniticus on Varsavia.


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