The Ork Mekboy Lockjaw, who had been hardwired into his Kustom Boosta-blasta after discovering he was a Speed Freek.

Lockjaw is an Ork Mekboy known for being integrated as a Cybork into his Kustom Boosta-blasta attack vehicle. The mangled Mekboy Lockjaw has oil literally running through his veins. Hailing from the world of Scalex VI, he was a crewman aboard a Great Gargant until it met an explosive demise beneath the guns of a Warlord-class Titan.

The Gargant's destruction hurled Lockjaw through the air like a blazing comet, inadvertently fostering in him a passion for dangerous acceleration. Now, hardwired into his Boosta-blasta, Lockjaw mows down his victims and exults in the high-octane carnage.


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