Blood Ravens Livery

Blood Ravens Space Marine Chapter iconography

The Litany of Fury is a venerable Battle Barge of the Blood Ravens Space Marine Chapter's 3rd Company. Commanded by Captain Gabriel Angelos, Commander of the Watch and leader of the Blood Ravens' 3rd Company, the Litany of Fury carries a great many secrets within its hold and is a beacon of light in the darkness of the Eastern Fringe, where the light of the Astronomican wanes. The Sanctorium Arcanum is a secret vault within the Battle Barge, tended by Librarians of the Chapter initiated into the Secret Orders of Psykana of the Blood Ravens.

The Sanctorium Arcanum is an astropathic choir in mimicry of the Astronomican itself, a mobile repeater station intended to boost the light of the Astronomican in the distant reaches of the Eastern Fringe. The Sanctorium Arcanum, like many relics of the Chapter, was created by the Great Father Azariah Vidya and its true origins and function have been lost to the mists of time, yet it is still maintained by the Librarians of the Chapter.

This ancient Battle Barge is notable for having taken part in multiple campaigns, including the Tartarus Campaign in the Aurelia Sub-sector against an Ork WAAAGH! and a group of Chaos Space Marines led by the Chaos Lord Bale and the Sorcerer Sindri Myr. The Litany of Fury also particpated in the Second Aurelian Crusade, when Captain Angelos travelled to the Ice World of Aurelia and confronted the Black Legion and the Greater Daemon of Nurgle, Ulkair the Unclean One.


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