The Lilium of Charadon was a scout frigate of the Hadex Fleet, the exploratory fleet of the Rogue Trader Emanuel Hadex that was sent to investigate the Hadex Anomaly.

The voidship lost contact with the rest of the fleet, however, as the nimble craft sought a stable route through a Warp Storm battering the trailing systems of the Jericho Reach.

In 779.M41 a starship bearing the Lilium of Charadon's markings drifted into the Ormasim System. Three Deathwatch Battle-Brothers, veterans of the Kaggeran Pogrom, boarded the derelict to investigate. No sooner had they boarded than the ship's Warp engines surged to life, carrying the Lilium into the Empyrean.

The mysterious return and disappearance of the Lilium coincides with an opening of the Omega Vault. The leaden doors swung wide revealing a single drop of blood hanging in a suspensor-field.

The blood and the gene-print identifying its origin are currently under seal by order of Watch Commander Mordigael.


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