A Kelermorph armed with his three Liberator Autostubs.

A Liberator Autostub is a type of Imperial ballistic firearm that fires extremely potent bullets that can damage even light armoured vehicles.

It is a favoured armament of Adeptus Arbites lawkeepers and hive city gangers alike. The Liberator Autostub is a snub revolver chambered for extremely powerful armour-piercing slugs. It is an iconic status symbol across the Imperium of Man and reliable killing tool alike. It is the weapon of choice for the Genestealer Cult champions known as Kelermorphs.

On some Hive Worlds infested by Genestealer Cults indentured workers risk their lives to smuggle traces of lethal chemical elements out of the sprawling arms factories in which they toil away their existence. They fashion these rare elements into custom bullets, slugs of metal tipped with depleted volonium that can pierce Power Armour and even the hulls of light tanks.

The crafting of such munitions often douses the maker in deadly waves of radiation, but they willingly accept their fate, making a final pilgrimage to present their gift to the hero of the revolution before succumbing to the sickness ravaging their bodies. Such is the devotion that the Kelermorph engenders, for he is the physical embodiment of the freedom falsely promised by the followers of the Star Children.


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