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Lias Issodon is the current Chapter Master of the Raptors Space Marine Chapter. Issodon is a consummate strategist as well as being one of the finest marksmen within the Chapter. He possesses an innate talent for ambush, infiltration and sabotage that borders on the supernatural, and cares little for glory or regard -- only the pursuit of victory matters to Issodon. An extremely taciturn and private individual, Issondon communicates little even with his own Battle-Brothers unless needed, which, coupled with his expressionless countenance and dark eyes, have earned him the nickname "The Grim" within his Chapter. Outsiders observing this reserved commander would go so far as to call Issodon's silent, watchful presence sinister. Though he is hardly the most charismatic leader within the Raptors' long history, he remains a highly effective commander who is deeply respected by the Astartes who follow him. When executing one of Issodon's plans they know that their Chapter Master's strategies are always well-conceived and cunningly wrought, designed to inflict the maximum damage while minimising the casualties of his warriors.


Lias Issodon is in many ways the living embodiment of the Raptor Chapter's favoured arts of war. A consummate strategist as well as one of the best shots in the Chapter, he possesses a talent for ambush, infiltration, and sabotage. This noted warrior first came to the wider Imperium's attention during the dark days of the Fourth Quadrant Rebellion. Under his command, the Raptors have fought and secured victory time and again, against forces far superior in numbers and resources and somehow have always emerged the victors. The Raptors lethally entangle their enemies in the shadows and feints they have woven, slowly bleeding their enemies to death from a thousand cuts or setting them up for a single, devastating coup de grace. During the infamous conflict known as the Badab War, Issodon led his Chapter against forces far superior in numbers and resources, and resorted to the use of stealth and guerrilla tactics that wreaked havoc with the Secessionist forces throughout this campaign.



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