A Lho-Leaf Tube, also called a Lho-Leaf Stick, a Lho-Stick or even Recreational Smoke, is an inhalant smoked much like a cigar which is a commonly used drug within the Imperium of Man. Lho-Leaf is considered to be a narcotic that possesses similar properties to marijuana, albeit it is much more addictive.

It is favoured by the great majority of the Imperium's working class and Imperial Navy, Imperial Guard and PDF personnel as a quick and cheap way to relax before, during, and after work or combat. Regulations about Lho-leaf vary considerably from planet to planet and regiment to regiment across the Imperium, ranging from being treated as an illicit narcotic to a freely accessible substance.

For instance, in the Tanith First and Only, each soldier receives a monthly ration of Lho-Leaf smokes by order of Colonel-Commissar Ibram Gaunt, while in the 88th Cadian Armoured Regiment, it is prohibited to smoke them, although the officers and even the Commissar of that regiment do not enforce this rule unless smoking causes a soldier to falter in his duties.


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