Veteran Sergeant Leonis Harum of the Blood Angels Legion, Harum Veteran Tactical Squad, 202nd Company, "The Crimson Aegis," armed with Power Fist and Lightning Claw

Leonis Harum was a decorated Veteran Sergeant of the Blood Angels Legion during the Great Crusade and early Horus Heresy eras. He was slain on Signus Prime during the Signus Campaign.


One of the few to live through the wrecking of the Legion starship Ifrit Nine, Sergeant Harum, the leader of the Harum Veteran Tactical Squad of the 202nd Company, the so-called "Crimson Aegis," fell upon the battlefield of Signus Prime following the heavy cruiser's survivors' valiant defence of Legion armoured assets on the far flank of the field of battle. For this act, he and his Battle-Brothers were all posthumously recognised as heroes and martyrs of the IX Legion.

It is said that the 202nd were one of the few units to resist the worst excesses of the rage that took hold of the Legion, steeling their spirits against the flaw in their gene-seed with the Liturgy of the Blood and holding fast to their duty till death took them.

Shown in the pict-image above is Harum, a Veteran Sergeant of the Legion's 202nd Company, in full battle-plate and bearing a number of honour markings. Of particular note are the embossed fold icons attached to his chest-plate and helm, both of which indicate separate citations for bravery from an Archein of the IX Legion.

The studded right pauldron is likely a battlefield replacement rather than a standard piece of heraldry, and its inclusion has displaced the rank and company insignia to the greaves of the sergeant's armour.


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