For millennia Lenk was a bustling Imperial world on the trade line between the Angelus and Vincies Sub-sectors of the Scarus Sector in the Segmentum Obscurus. But after a Warp Storm engulfed the region in 085.M41 all the key systems on the trade route were caught up in the disruption of the Empyrean caused by the storm and interstellar travel along the route was made impossible.

Decapitated, the Vincies Sub-sector fell apart, degenerating into a lawless state, and although there was an attempt to salvage some worlds by grafting them to the wealthy Angelus Sub-sector, the attempt failed at stabilising Imperial control over the region. Instead the sub-sector descended into what is now called "Lucky Space", a frontier region where the hold of the Imperium remains tenuous at best. The trade which once saw Lenk flourish has now been replaced by an influx of refugees, Heretics, adventurers and Rogue Traders. Lenk is the last battered redoubt of Imperial control in the Vincies Sub-sector.


  • Ravenor (novel) by Dan Abnett
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