EC Palatine Blades Mk IV

A Pre-Heresy Astartes warrior of the Emperor's Children Legion. This warrior was a member of the Palatine Blades, an elite formation composed of the finest swordsmen within the III Legion.

A Legion Veteran Tactical Squad was a tactical formation of the ancient Space Marine Legions used during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy eras in the late 30th and early 31st Millennia.

These squads were composed of the most experienced warriors within a Legion and were singled out for their acumen and honoured with additional training in all aspects of warfare.

The Astartes of these squads received the highest quality and most advanced weaponry available to the Legion.


In the ancient Legiones Astartes a common tactical formation was the Veteran Tactical Squad. These Legionary Veterans were amongst a Space Marine Legion's most experienced warriors. They were consummate fighters who had ground the armies of scores of worlds under their armoured boots.

These exceptional and experienced Astartes within the ranks of the Space Marine Legions were quickly singled out by their officers, equipped with the finest wargear and trained in all aspects of combat to further enhance their battlefield power.

Certain Legions would further separate their Veterans from the rank-and-file and raise them above the common ranks of Astartes by inducting them into warrior brotherhoods, martial cults or specified veteran companies.

This served to create an elite body within the Legion to which other warriors could aspire to ascend, and from which new officers were drawn.

Notable Veteran Formations

Legion Number Legion Name Veteran Formation Name
III Emperor's Children Palatine Blades
IV Iron Warriors Stor-bezashk
V White Scars Brotherhood of the Storm
VI Space Wolves Grey Hunters
VIII Night Lords Atramentar
VIII Night Lords Raptors
VIII Night Lords Unguis Raptus
XII World Eaters Caedere
XV Thousand Sons Sekhmet
XVI Sons of Horus Catulan Reavers
XVI Sons of Horus Justaerin
XVII Word Bearers Gal Vorbak
XVII Word Bearers Vakrah Jal
XX Alpha Legion Effrit Stealth Squad

Unit Composition

  • 4-9 Legion Veteran Space Marines
  • 1 Legion Veteran Sergeant


Optional Wargear

Optional Wargear (Veteran Sergeant Only)


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