Torvinal Tactical Assault Squad

Pre-Heresy Emperor's Children Tactical Support Squad

A Legion Tactical Support Squad was a tactical formation of the ancient Space Marine Legions used during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy eras in the late 30th and early 31st Millennia.

These squads were mobile fire support units that utilised specialised wargear, weapons and tactics to support an assault by the Legion's main strength.


Chemoscion Heavy Support Squad

Pre-Heresy Emperor's Children Legion Tactical Support Squad armed with Flamers.

Legion Tactical Support Squads were mobile fire-support units that replaced the utilitarian Bolter of their comrades with more specialised weapons, enabling them to cope with particular battlefield threats or enemies.

Operating in close order with the Legion's other troops, the Tactical Support Squad's firepower enabled a battlefield strike force of Space Marines to act with even more versatility and engage a wider range of targets on its own terms.

The most common armaments used by Tactical Support Squads included Flamers which were ideal for urban warfare, bunker and trench clearance, as well as eradicating xenos life forms from an area.

Rapid-firing Rotor Cannons were used against large numbers of lightly armed foes, thermic energy Meltas for tank-busting, and where available, Plasma and Volkite Weapons against the most heavily armoured and monstrous enemies.


Optional Wargear

Optional Wargear (Sergeant Only)


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