The Legio Xerxes was a Loyalist Titan Legion of the Collegia Titanica, one of the military arms of the Adeptus Mechanicus. There is very little information in Imperial records about this obscure Titan Legion, including when it was founded or from what world it hails.

Ancient historical sources indicate that this Legion may have been based on Mars itself. During the Great Crusade the Legio Xerxes was attached to the service of the 670th Expeditionary Fleet.

The Primarch Alpharius and a force from his XX Legion of Astartes, the Alpha Legion, fought with the 670th Expedition during the tragic campaign to bring the world of Nurth to Imperial Compliance, but never became an official part of the 670th's order of battle.

Lord Commander Namitjira remained in formal command during the operation, though of course he deferred to the Primarch's orders.

Following the opening days of civil warfare during the Schism of Mars, it is not known what side this Legion chose to support or if they were one of the many Loyalist Titan Legions caught off-guard by the treacherous attacks of the forces of the Dark Mechanicum and destroyed outright.

Legion History

Notable Campaigns

  • Compliance of Nurth (ca. 205.M31) - The Legio Xerxes had a battle group of war engines supporting the 670th Expeditionary Fleet during the Great Crusade. They aided Imperial ground forces in the course of the disastrous Imperial Compliance campaign fought on Nurth, a lost Human colony from the Dark Age of Technology. During the evacuation of Nurth, 6 Titans had to be left behind due to Lord Commander Namatjira's incompetence, after which Princeps Jeveth detached his force of Titans from the 670th Expeditionary Fleet and returned to Mars. The Legio Xerxes disappeared from all Imperial records after their return to the Red Planet.

Notable Titans

None listed in current Imperial records.

Notable Personnel

  • Princeps Amon Jeveth - Jeveth was a princeps senioris of the Legio Xerxes in the Nurth Campaign during the course of the Great Crusade.

Legion Appearance

Legion Colours

The Legio Xerxes Legion colours are not listed in current Imperial records.

Legion Badge

The Legio Xerxes Legion badge is not listed in current Imperial records.


  • Legion (Novel) by Dan Abnett
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