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An M35 Triplex Phall M-Galaxy Pattern Lasgun, the most common pattern of Imperial Lasgun.

Laser Weapons, or Las Weapons as they are known in the Imperium of Man, are a family of directed energy weapons that produce beams of high-intensity amplified light to produce heat damage on a target. Laser Weapons are relatively easy to produce and maintain.

No solid ammunition is ever used -- only power cells which can be recharged and quickly swapped when depleted with another fully-charged power cell. This makes them ideal for large troop formations like the Astra Militarum.

While the accuracy of the laser beam cannot be distorted by wind like ballistic ammunition, it can be quickly diffused by heavy particles in the air such as smoke and hence lose its power over long distances.

Certain types of Lasgun have specific uses, most notably the more powerful Long-Las which is the catch-all term for sniper variants because they bear longer barrels.

Laser Weapons are used in many shapes and sizes. Some are big and powerful enough to be used in stellar engagements, others are used on vehicles like tanks or Dreadnoughts, whilst the smallest ones can be operated individually. Depending on their size, they are powered by on-board generators, power cells or portable power supplies.

The principles for this type of weapon are used by many intelligent species in the galaxy, and as such, Laser Weapons are a crucial part of xenos arsenals, such as those of the Orks, Aeldari or T'au, as well as the arsenals of the Chaos-corrupted Humans that make up The Lost and the Damned and Chaos Space Marines.

Imperial Laser Weapons

Aeldari Laser Weapons

Ork Laser Weapons

  • Big Zzappa
  • Gaze of Mork
  • Supa Zzap-Gun
  • Zzap Gun
  • Zzappa Kannonz

T'au Laser Weapons


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