A Shining Spears Aspect Warrior wielding a Laser Lance.

The Laser Lance is a specialised Craftworld Aeldari weapon used by the Shining Spears Aspect Warriors and the Exodite Dragon Knights. The Laser Lance shoots a powerful, short-ranged laser beam that is discharged either at close range or upon direct, physical contact with the enemy. It creates a blinding flash of light when it hits home.

The laser blast is strong enough to be used to run down any enemy units and easily capable of punching through all but the heaviest armour.

The weapon is ideal for the devastating charges employed by Shining Spears and Dragon Knights, but in addition to its short range the weapon is otherwise useless in hand-to-hand combat because of its size and unwieldy nature.

Using the Laser Lance, the Shining Spears are meant to operate similar to high-technology, anti-gravitic heavy cavalry units.

Star Lance

The Star Lance is a more powerful version of the Laser Lance which is used by Shining Spear Exarchs.

These weapons are named after the legendary lance wielded by the Phoenix King Asuryan himself when he rode into battle atop his flying steed.


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