Destroyer Tank Hunter 0

An Astra Militarum Destroyer Tank Hunter outfitted with a Laser Destroyer.

The Laser Destroyer is an Imperial Laser Weapon mounted primarily on the ancient Fellblade super-heavy main battle tank and the Destroyer Tank Hunter. It is an extremely powerful laser that is capable of penetrating armour plate and destroying enemy tanks from long range.

The Laser Destroyer is a complex weapons system which most Adeptus Mechanicus Forge Worlds can no longer produce. Even those few that still retain the technical capabilities to manufacture a Laser Destroyer must hand-craft each weapon through a painstakingly slow process.

The result has been that the Laser Destroyer and the armoured vehicles which use them have become incredibly rare amongst the forces of the Astra Militarum. The chance of any Imperial armoured force which still deploys these vehicles ever receiving a replacement for their lost or destroyed units is extremely unlikely. The result for the Astra Militarum is that most Destroyer Tank Hunters deployed by its tank units are often refitted to use other, more common weapons once their Laser Destroyer is no longer functional.

During the invasion of Armageddon by the Orks a number of Chimeras were refitted with Laser Destroyers and re-designated APDS-6a Defenders as an effective stop-gap measure against the onrushing tides of Ork armoured vehicles.


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