A Lascutter

A Lascutter is a powerful but extremely unwieldy type of Laser Weapon. Originally, the Lascutter was developed to serve as a simple industrial tool intended for cutting through armored bulkheads and dense ores for orbital construction and planetary mining operations. These weapons make use of disruption field-assisted short range laser arcs to cut through their target's dense molecular structure like a hot knife through butter. Later, during the Great Crusade, Lascutters were adapted for use as weapons during warfare. Lascutters proved extremely valuable during sieges and void-based boarding operations, where they were able to breach enemy fortifications or voidships and if necessary become devastating close-quarters weapons. They were a particularly favorite weapons of the Space Marine Legions' Breacher Siege Squads during the various campaigns of the Great Crusade and the Horus Heresy.


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