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Larathyn Ki Tajell is a long-time Aeldari renegade and associate of a highly-placed member of the Ordo Xenos.

Unfortunately for Larathyn, the Inquisitor in question has disappeared, and will face some searching questions about his activities were he ever to reappear.

For this reason, Larathyn remains in custody inside Watch Fortress Erioch's Xenos Bestiarium.


A little over three solar centuries ago, a Deathwatch Kill-team was dispatched to investigate a distress call from the watch station at Resgulus. Upon their arrival they discovered the wreckage of an abortive Aeldari attack that had almost overwhelmed the station's automated defences.

Inside the station itself they discovered the solitary Aeldari Larathyn, who announced himself to be under Inquisitorial protection in finely-accented Low Gothic before presenting requisite seals and testimonials with a flourish.

After suffering many indignities, Larathyn was conveyed to the Bestiarium of Watch Fortress Erioch and has remained incarcerated there incommunicado ever since.

Despite his circumstances, Larathyn maintains a polite demeanour with little of the aloofness so common in his kind. He appears philosophical about his imprisonment and chooses to view himself as an honoured guest of the Deathwatch.

In truth his life hangs by a thread as some of the Battle-Brothers reckon him a spy with some means of reporting back what occurs in the fortress. However, the information Larathyn has yielded on Aeldari activity in the Jericho Reach has been fruitful enough to keep him alive so far.

Indeed, Larathyn has proven eager to assist in any investigation presented to him, attempting to worm his way into an investigator's confidence at every opportunity.


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