Lar'shi (Hero)-class Starship

A Lar'shi (Hero)-class Starship in the void.

The Lar'shi (Hero)-class Starship is a Cruiser class starship used in the T'au Empire's Kor'vattra. The pinnacle of T'au technology, the Lar'shi-class was the product of T'au experience during the Damocles Gulf Crusade.

The T'au were determined that they should have a warship that could match the Imperial Lunar-class Cruiser. As it became evident, they failed; but they did succeed in producing a credible ship of the line.



A T'au Lar'shi (Hero)-class Starship

The standard Vash'ya configuration of the Lar'shi is armed and equipped with a prow-mounted Gravitic Launcher, a prow Railgun battery, port and starboard Ion Cannon batteries, three defensive turrets, port and starboard launch bays each capable of holding a single squadron of Mantas or Barracudas, standard T'au starship gravitic shielding, as well as an additional prow Deflector Shield for better forward defence.

The variant Tol'ku configuration replaces the port and starboard Ion Cannon batteries of the Vash'ya configuration with Railgun batteries.

Notable Ships


Starboard view of a Lar'shi (Hero)-class Starship

  • Sa'cea Lar'shi Khas'a'tah - With its weapon systems crewed largely by Fire Caste warriors, the Khas'a'tah has quickly developed a formidable reputation in battle. From its baptism of fire when it hunted down and destroyed no less than three Ork Onslaught-class Attack Ships with a single salvo of missiles, to its most recent encounter with the Dauntless-class Light Cruiser Jarrall’s Bane when its Manta squadrons got inside the Imperial vessel's Void Shields and set it ablaze, the Khas'a'tah has enjoyed unrivalled success. The principal reason for this is Kor'O Khas'a'tah himself, who, though a member of the Air Caste, was raised in an orbital above the militaristic T'au Sept of Sa'cea, and is therefore very familiar with the Fire Caste and their ways. His crew is an excellent example of the two castes working together for the Greater Good.


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