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A variant of the Land Crawler known as the Siegfried, the only notable difference is the turret mounted on the top and the additional armour plating.

The Land Crawler is a Standard Template Construct (STC)-derived vehicle that was discovered at the dawn of the Imperium of Man in the late 30th Millennium by an Adeptus Mechanicus Magos and technoarchaeologist known as Arkhan Land.

The Land Crawler is a multipurpose utility vehicle mainly used on Imperial Agri-worlds as a towing tractor or land-moving machine to clear new fields for planting and for transporting the harvest.

The vehicle is omnipresent across the galaxy and countless billions of Land Crawlers have been manufactured due to the vehicle's versatility, ease of maintenance, and forgiving driving characteristics.

It has been argued by more than one Imperial historian that the humble Land Crawler is the greatest of Arkhan Land's discoveries, even greater than the Land Raider, because after all even Space Marines must eat!


The STC design for the Land Crawler, along with the designs for the Land Speeder and the Land Raider, were discovered by Arkhan Land deep within the Librarius Omnis on Mars and all three vehicles were named after him by the Imperial armed forces.

All three vehicles were originally known as Land's Raider, Land's Speeder and Land's Crawler.

Non-Conventional Uses

While the Land Crawler is designed as a piece of farm or industrial equipment its usefulness has not gone unnoticed by Astra Militarum regiments in need of emergency replacements for vehicles lost during battle.

The Land Crawler has been drafted into combat on several occasions, most notably during the Krieg Civil War where the Land Crawler's Siegfried and Bruennhilde variants came into being.

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