Krrk'tikit is a Sept World of the T'au Empire's Velk'Han Sept in the Jericho Reach.

Krrk'tikit is a world that, on the surface, is a featureless rock, but is riddled right down to its core by crystalline caves. Never settled by Humans, Krrk'tikit was given by the T'au to their Vespid auxiliaries, and the insectoid xenos now inhabit city-hives built into the largest chambers.

Hatcheries, nutrient lakes and warrior mustering chambers have been constructed, while the Vespid strain leaders blood their warriors in huge warrens of jagged crystal designated as battlegrounds.

Deep in the core chambers, where the crystals are bathed in deadly radiation, Krrk'tikit's indigenous sentient creatures have been contacted after millions of Terran years of isolation.

Strange floating beings with bodies of crystal, manipulating energy fields as weapons, these creatures have been targeted by the T'au for absorption into the Velk'Han Sept and education in the Greater Good.

Early attempts to contact them however, have not gone well, with Water Caste ambassadors killed or missing. More aggressive Fire Caste commanders advocate abandoning or even attacking Krrk'tikit, fearing that the indigenous creatures may be connected with the long-dead intelligent alien species still plaguing the Velk'Han Sept.


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