A Space Wolves Thunderhawk flees from the assault of a Kraken on Fenris.

A Kraken is the most powerful and terrifying of all the marine megafauna that inhabit the turbulent oceans of the Death World of Fenris. Similar to a Terran cephalopod in shape but far larger in size and aggressive in nature, a Fenrisian Kraken can grow to be 5 miles long, with tentacles four times that length.

The origins of the Kraken remain unclear to Imperial savants. Some believe that they are the remains of a Tyranid bioform that was left on the world during an earlier Tyranid incursion. Separated from the Hive Mind, the Kraken became feral.

Others say these creatures are as old as Fenris itself. They believe the Kraken are a species native to the frigid world. Fenrisian legends say that the oldest of the Krakens gnaw at the roots of the world.

Another legend holds that the Space Wolves Chapter's Primarch, Leman Russ, went fishing one day and caught the Father of Kraken, but threw it back, declaring that it was too small and he would return one day and catch it when it was full-grown. Since then, the legends say, the Father of Kraken has grown until its tentacles encircle the entire planet.

Kraken are extremely aggressive and often attack the small ships of Fenris' barbaric human inhabitants during their frequent migrations across the ever-changing landscape of the Death World's seas.


Arjac Rockfist, a Wolf Guard and the personal champion of the Great Wolf, Logan Grimnar, won his position after defending the Iron Isles on Fenris from an attack of a thousand kraken-spawn almost completely by himself.

Lone Wolf Aj Kvara battled a Kraken-like Tyranid creature on the Ocean World of Lyses.

Kraken's Egg

Within the Trophy Halls of The Fang is a giant leathery piece of flesh, over fifty feet in length, known as the "Kraken's Egg."

Whether it really came from a Kraken or not is uncertain, but it gives some credibility to the legend of Russ, which might otherwise be considered entirely apocryphal.

The Magi Biologis of the Adeptus Mechanicus have examined the Kraken's Egg and claim it is Tyranid in origin, suggesting that the Krakens of Fenris may have evolved from a feral Tyranid bioform adapted for underwater combat that lost its connection to the Hive Mind many thousands of standard years ago.

Frost Blade Creation

One particular species of Kraken, the Ice Kraken, possesses diamond-hard fangs that are highly prized by the Iron Priests of the Space Wolves Chapter for use in forging Frost Blades.

The Space Wolves believe that the finest Frost Blades are made of ice harvested from the heart of a glacier that has then been tempered within the belly of a Kraken.


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