Kor Megron was a Daemon Prince who had once been a mighty Space Marine of the Word Bearers Traitor Legion during the Horus Heresy. In later eras, after his ascension to daemonhood, Kor Megron still plaguing the galaxy with his foul presence.


Amongst that accursed throng who betrayed humanity strode Kor Megron, a mighty warrior whose glories in the name of the Imperium were many. Aliens by their hundred had fallen at his hand and lost civilisations had been nurtured back into compliance.

The Word Bearers are renowned for their unswerving dedication to the Dark Gods and their fanatical worship of the entire unholy pantheon of Chaos. During the dark days of the Horus Heresy, the Word Bearers turned away from their adoration of the Emperor of Mankind, shifting their devotion and worship to a source more deserving.

The daemonic pacts and infernal bargains they made as they embarked on their great betrayal are not recorded here, but the result is clear. When the Warmaster showed his hand and declared that the galaxy should burn, the Word Bearers were foremost amongst his allies, attacking the Imperium with a fervour and spite that was as shocking as it was unexpected. Elite warriors who had once lauded the Emperor as the light of the galaxy, the saviour of Mankind, now wrought blasphemies and sacrilege across the length and breadth of the Imperium.

For millennia following the defeat of Horus, Kor Megron sought to undo what he had wrought as an Adeptus Astartes, leading his fellow Word Bearers in a blood-soaked crusade across the galaxy.

It was on the cathedral world of Rhodax that Kor Megron perpetrated his greatest work. For three months his warriors fought through the corpse-strewn streets of Rhodax against the hastily gathered warriors of the Imperium. When his bolter ran out of shells, he fought from shrine to shattered temple with his ancient power sword. When the energy cells that powered his beloved weapon ran out, and the blade snapped off in the spine of a lumbering Ogryn, he fought on with his fists.

Together with his warband he assailed the steps to the Basilica of Petch, a beloved Imperial saint to whom the world now looked for salvation. Two thousand warriors of the Cadian XIV Regiment stormed the marble staircases, but the Word Bearers pushed them back. Ammunition was in short supply and the Chaos Space Marines had many wounded, but they remained unbowed - every wound they inflicted was a benediction to Chaos, a pledge of allegiance to the Dark Gods.

While his men fought on, Kor Megron toppled the forty-foot tall statue of Saint Petch, piling the bodies of the Cadian dead around it to form a blasphemous mound upon the consecrated ground of the Basilica. As the Imperial Guard attacked once more, now bolstered by the agents of the Inquisition, Kor Megron stood atop his macabre offering to Chaos and roared his devotion to the Dark Gods. In return the gods of the Warp rewarded his loyalty. His body was wracked by the power of Chaos, stretched and twisted with warping power. His skin became blackened, his head sprouted horns. Where once had stood a proud and strong Chaos Space Marine now towered an almighty Daemon Prince of Chaos.

The warriors around Kor Megron exalted at his transformation and fought with renewed vigour, even as their leader gripped the marbled blade of Saint Petch in his taloned hands and tore it free. The power of change flowed into the blade, twisting and corrupting the once holy relic into a weapon of cruel destruction. So armed, Kor Megron strode from the Basilica to glory his dark masters once more.

Rhodax is now a dead world, a shattered ruin proscribed by the Inquisition. It drifts lifeless, a mute witness to the fury and scorn of Kor Megron and the unending hatred of the Word Bearers.


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