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Daemon Prince Kor Maegron

Kor Megron, Daemon Prince of Chaos Undivided

Kor Megron, the Reaper of Rhodax, was a Daemon Prince who had once been a Dark Apostle of the Word Bearers Traitor Legion during the Horus Heresy. In later eras, after his ascension to daemonhood, Kor Megron continued to plague the galaxy with his foul presence and was responsible for the fall of the Cardinal World of Rhodax and the great Chaos assault upon the Shrine World of Eydolim.


As the Great Crusade spread throughout the galaxy and the warriors of the Emperor of Mankind subdued the stars in the late 30th Millennium, a single company of Word Bearers Space Marines was detached from their Crusade force to assist Imperial colonists settling a freshly scoured planet designated only by a meaningless series of letters and numbers. Kor Megron was the Space Marine in charge and, under his direction, the planet was swiftly settled. As was the wont of the Word Bearers, the work of the Crusade, and of conquest, appeared to take second place to that of glorifying the Emperor as the God of Mankind. Within a decade, the world of Eydolim boasted a thriving planetary culture centred on the new, and radical, concept of worshipping the Emperor of Mankind as the Master of Humanity.

Upon the world of Khur, the Emperor would later censure the entirety of the XVIIth Legion and put an end to the indulgent practices of the Word Bearers, demanding that they conform to the atheistic confines of the Imperial Truth and end their religious devotions to Him. The Emperor also demanded that they accelerate their prosecution of the Great Crusade. The rancour of the scorned XVIIth Legion was palpable. Lorgar, their Primarch, was humiliated, and the none-too gentle chiding meted out upon his Legion left a sting like a freshly-dealt slap. Soon, the dismay and betrayal the Word Bearers felt at the Emperor's harsh judgement festered into bitterness and then heresy. They forsook their allegiance to the Emperor and spiralled into the worship of the Dark Gods. Until then, the life's work of Kor Megron had been to glorify the Master of Mankind and conquer the galaxy in His name. Now, a new path lay before him.

The Word Bearers were once renowned for their fanatical loyalty and religious zeal in persecuting the enemies of the Emperor of Mankind. But when the Warmaster Horus, the greatest of the Primarchs and the Emperor's most favoured son, betrayed his oaths of loyalty and launched a galaxy-spanning insurrection against the Imperium, the once-loyal Word Bearers were one of the first Space Marine Legions to openly declare for the Warmaster. They turned their former adoration of and devotion to the "False Emperor" towards the unholy pantheon of the Chaos Gods. They betrayed all that they had striven to build, ripping down the temples and edifices dedicated to the saviour of Mankind, bringing untold numbers of blasphemies and great sacrilege across the length and breadth of the nascent Imperium of Man.

What pivotal event wrought Kor Megron's change of heart and drove him from the most loyal, worshipful of sons to a vengeful, embittered foe of the Emperor, is unknown -- for each Traitor finds his own route to damnation. The result, however was clear for any to see: Kor Megron, and the company of Word Bearers who had served alongside him, swore new oaths, dark pacts that would bind their souls in unity until the end of time. Each vowed that their greatest work, their one, true masterpiece, would not be complete until every icon of the False Emperor was cast down and destroyed and the Imperium was naught but trampled ruins and fading memories. Sealing their pact with blood, they anointed themselves as the Foresworn -- a brotherhood of damnation who would topple the deceitful worship of an uncaring and undeserving Emperor.

Following the defeat of Horus, Kor Megron continued to fight the Long War against the hated "Corpse Emperor", seeking to undo all that he had wrought as a once-loyal Astartes. Over the passage of ten thousand standard years the Foresworn have continued to assail Mankind. At Hyberone Primus they defiled the reclusiam of Saint Benefactos and piled the weakling dead five thousand high. Throughout the bloody nights of the Faith Scourging, they hunted down and executed the nine blessed Cardinals of Anopon. The Foresworn slaughtered Saint Krisabel and her immortal bodyguard and they tempted Hareld the Anchorite to the worship of Slaanesh and left his bone shrine a scorched ruin.

Fall of Rhodax[]

Kor Megron

Kor Megron, the Reaper of Rhodax, in battle upon the doomed Cardinal World of Rhodax

The Dark Apostle Kor Megron led his Word Bearers Host in a bloody Dark Crusade across the galaxy for millennia. It was upon the Cardinal World of Rhodax that Kor Megron would perpetrate his greatest work and be granted the boon of daemonhood by the Ruinous Powers. The vile Dark Apostle fought a brutal war of attrition over a period of 3 solar months against a pitiful number of soldiers of the Imperium. As the streets of Rhodax filled with bloated corpses, Kor Magron's Bolter ran dry. He continued to fight on towards the Basilica of Saint Petch, a shrine devoted to a beloved Imperial Saint to whom the world now looked for salvation. He slew the servants of the Corpse Emperor with his ancient Power Sword until the energy cells powering the weapon ran out and the blade had snapped off in the spine of a shambling Ogryn. Not dissuaded by this temporary setback, Kor Magron continued to fight on with his armoured fists.

Together with his warband he assailed the Imperial defenders on the steps of the fallen temple. The 14th Cadian Shock Troops Regiment of the Imperial Guard attacked the warhost en masse, 2,000 of their soldiers storming the marble staircases of the basilica, but the Word Bearers pushed them back. Though many of the remaining Word Bearers were wounded and they were running low on ammunition, they remained unbowed. While his men continued to fight, Kor Megron toppled the forty-foot tall statue of Saint Petch, piling the bodies of the Cadian dead around it to form a blasphemous mound upon the consecrated ground of the basilica.

Now bolstered by agents of the Inquisition, the Cadians attacked once more. Kor Megron stood upon the mound of the dead, roaring his devotion to the Ruinous Powers, offering up the piles of Imperial dead as a dark sacrifice. For his unflinching loyalty and dedication to Chaos, the lords of the Warp rewarded their devoted servant with ascension to daemonhood on the spot. Seething with barely restrained power, Kor Megron's body transformed, twisted by the warping power of Chaos. Where once had stood a proud and strong Chaos Space Marine now towered an almighty Daemon Prince.

The Word Bearers roared their exaltation at their lord's transformation, fighting on with renewed vigour, for they had been blessed by the Dark Gods. The Daemon Prince ripped the marbled blade free from the statue of Saint Petch, and transformed it into a twisting and corrupted weapon of cruel destruction with his newborn Chaotic powers. Kor Magron strode forth and wreaked terrible slaughter upon the Imperial defenders of Rhodax. Soon after, Rhodax was declared a Dead World by the Inquisition, drifting lifeless in the void of space, a mute witness to the fury and hate of Kor Megron, the Reaper of Rhodax.

Assault on Eydolim[]

For all of this blasphemy and desecration committed by Kor Megron and the Foresworn, however, until the latter years of the 41st Millennium, they had still not achieved their greatest desire -- to undo their great works on ancient Eydolim, to cast down its ancient glories, throw down the tarnished symbols of their devotion to the Emperor and slaughter all who stood in their way. In preparation of their grand offensive against the world of Eydolim, the Foresworn sought out alliances with scores of Chaos Space Marine warbands, calling upon blood-debts from ten thousand years of warfare and offering the choice of spoils to those who would join their cause. Through the sinister coordination of Kor Megron and the Foresworn, a mighty alliance of Chaos Space Marines and, later, their daemonic allies assailed Eydolim and the other nearby worlds. Such overwhelming assaults and universal cooperation is normally the province of a Black Crusade -- that so many disparate Chaos Space Marine warbands answered the call speaks volumes of Kor Megron's powers of manipulation.

Launching a series of diversionary attacks across multiple worlds of the Charadon Sector, the large assembly of Traitor Legions fought the Imperial forces to a standstill. So much had already gone against the Imperial forces in the Eydolim System in such a short space of time that it looked, for the citizens of Eydolim itself, that their doom, too, was close to hand. Astropathic cries for help were sent far and wide in the hope of yielding still more aid. As a dedicated Shrine World, the major settlements of Eydolim each boasted a few thousand defenders, but the planet was ill-prepared for a full-scale invasion.

Help was at hand, however, as a sizeable portion of Crusade Group Black Gate was diverted from their mission to reinforce the Imperial efforts in the Damocles Gulf. A battle-ready contingent of Imperial Guard was hurried into the system, the Imperial battle fleet escorting the Imperial Navy's bulk transports to Eydolim before rushing off to harry the Chaos forces. The troops that arrived dramatically bolstered the under-manned Planetary Defence Forces and included nine regiments of Cadian Shock Troops, as well as smaller dispositions of other Imperial Guard regiments such as Ventan Heavy Infantry, Vostroyan Firstborn, Valhallan Ice Warriors and a company of Orn's World Militia. But soon a massive Chaos Space Marine flotilla appeared in high orbit over Eydolim. Bolstered by forces from the Black Legion, the Foresworn had returned after ten thousand Terran years to undo their folly. Together, the two legions of Chaos Space Marines forged onwards towards Eydol and the grand cathedrals there. All the time, more reinforcements arrived as Red Corsairs, Night Lords and other Traitors flocked to the cause.

Against such fury, the Imperial Guard was grievously outmatched. Despite their losses, the heroism of the Imperial Guardsmen on Eydolim was astonishing. Even so, the Chaos Space Marines surged forwards, overrunning defences and smashing resistance as they closed in on the capital city. Whenever effective resistance was mounted, Kor Megron and his allies overcame it. The tactical wisdom and outright savagery of the Chaos Space Marines, veterans of countless wars, proved its worth against the brave men of the Imperial Guard over and over again. With the Chaos forces less than a day's travel from the capital of Eydol, and the Imperial Guard finding their every gambit overcome, the defenders looked heavenward in desperation -- and beheld a miracle.

The Spear of Sicarius[]

The scions of Ultramar had arrived -- the vaunted Ultramarines 2nd Company, and a small force of 1st Company Veteran Marines, had been hastily diverted to Eydolim by their Chapter Master Marneus Calgar. Receiving his instructions with barely disguised enthusiasm, Captain Cato Sicarius, the leader of this relief force, had diverted his battle force with all haste. As the Chaos Space Marines swarmed towards the outer walls of Eydol, the Ultramarines would deploy en masse in support of the Imperial Guard and there, before the gates of the capital city, the Warriors of Ultramar would throw back the hordes of Chaos.

For the forces of the Imperium, the frantic battle fought across the outer curtain wall of Eydol City is remembered as one of tragic loss and heroic sacrifice. Official Imperial records refer to it as the Battle of Eagle Gate -- a frenzied and violent engagement that left a battlefield littered with bodies and broken war engines and a sizeable portion of Eydol City's east quarter ablaze.

Warriors of Damnation[]

The hateful wrath of the Daemon Prince drew not only the Foresworn together, but also forged the great alliance between the disparate Chaos Space Marines and Renegade bands. Indeed, as the fighting within Eydolim reached its zenith, it was Kor Megron who wrought the summoning of the daemonic host. More than two hundred Chaos Space Marines from the Word Bearers Legion were present in the final assault on Eydolim. First into the fray were the Sons of Damnation -- vile Traitors who lay claim to diabolical deeds stretching all the way back to the Siege of the Emperor's Palace during the Battle of Terra at the height of the Horus Heresy. A large force of Chaos Space Marines of the Word Bearers Legion, the Foresworn were the spear tip of the Chaos Space Marine assault. Focusing their offensive against the main temple, the Sons of Damnation's Chaos Terminator Squad carved a bloody path towards the heart of the Imperial lines.

The Chaos Space Marine forces were bolstered by warriors from the Black Legion, few of whom were as influential, or as cruel, as the Corpsemakers. This twenty-strong squad of Traitors and murderers battled their way into the breach before the Ultramarines' Terminator Squad Argan ended their bloody advance. The bloodthirsty Khornate Berzerkers of Gladiator Group 138 were also crucial to the Chaos assault. With Chainaxes wailing, they smashed through Eagle Gate, butchered the defenders and then continued into the waiting guns of the Imperial Guard. Kraagon Gorefist earned the slaughter crown for his brutality.


At the end, the wrath of the Foresworn and their allies was halted before the Gate of Martyrs -- the great eastern portal into Eydol City. There, a hastily gathered force of Space Marines and Imperial Guardsmen made their final stand. Kor Megron hurled himself at the defenders, determined to slaughter his way through. In the face of his fury, Cato Sicarius stood firm as the Daemon Prince brought down his accursed weapon in sweeping arcs, hammering the Space Marine Captain with such ferocity that his knees buckled and his finely wrought Talassarian Tempest Blade was notched and chipped. With a clawed foot, Kor Megron stomped Sicarius to the floor, cracking his breastplate and grinding him down. Triumphant, the Word Bearer raised his blade high, braying his victory to the skies. The killing blow never fell.

A nearby Imperial Guardsman, seeing the mighty Astartes captain in mortal danger, forgot his fear and hurled himself at the towering Daernon Prince. As his bayonet plunged into the infernal beast's flesh, the course of the battle, and the fate of Eydolim, shifted forever. Kor Megron, distracted, turned his gaze upon the brave Imperial Guardsman and burned him to ash in a torrent of Warpflame. The distraction was all the Ultramarines captain needed. In the blink of an eye, Sicarius jammed his blade upwards, past the breastplate of the daemon and into its heart.

With a skull-rending scream, the Daemon Prince was dragged into the Warp. Stunned at the loss of their leader, and worn to the breaking point by the defenders, the Forces of Chaos began to fall back, retreating under a sustained bombardment. For the Imperium, a reprieve had been bought at great cost. For the Legions of Chaos, there would be another reckoning.