Konrad Curze or Night Haunter was the Primarch of the traitor legion called the Night Lords.

Konrad Curze was brought up on on a world devoid of natural light where crime and death were a factor of every day life called Nostramo. Soon Konrad rose up and destroyed all major crime lords and came to be known as Night Haunter. Soon he installed a simple but effective law: his way or death. When the Emperor came, the primarch was given command of the Night Lords space marine legion. Konrad and his legion soon made themselves known for their scare tactics and their inhumaneness when dealing with their enemies.

Rumors began to spread through out the Imperium of Man that the Night Lords were simply massacering whole peoples and similar atrocities. Soon the Emperor was forced to recall them to Terra so that they may answer the charges set against them. Before Kanrad could get back to Terra however, Horus, a fellow primarch and Warmaster of the Great Crusade declared a war against the Emperor of Mankind. Konrad was soon to follow Horus, and although the Night Lords did not fight on Terra, they launched a crusade on the Imperium that lasted until Konrad himself was finally murdered by an Imperial Assasin by the name of M'Shen.

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