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The Knights of Abhorrence are a Loyalist Space Marine Chapter and a successor of the Dark Angels, created during an unknown Founding.

Chapter History

Knights of Abhorrence Chapter Colour Scheme and Chapter badge as displayed by a Primaris Space Marine.

In the first eight standard centuries after their Founding, the Knights of Abhorrence fought solely in the Ghoul Stars, blooding their swords with the viscera of some of the most dangerous xenos the Imperium has ever encountered.

In the years since, they have patrolled the outer reaches of the Imperium, slaughtering alien horrors whilst acquiring information on the Fallen.

It was they who first alerted Supreme Grand Master Azrael to the events in the Warp rift near the Somnium Stars after the escape of Luther from The Rock. Rumours grow of a dire threat mounting. Reports from this isolated region of space suggest that the Fallen are amassing there in unprecedented numbers. This mustering is a grave threat that the Chapters of the Unforgiven will not ignore.

The Chapter also maintains the secret 57th Protocol with the Deathwatch, which sends its battle-brothers to serve with the Alien Hunters.

Notable Campaigns

  • Octarius War (999.M41-Present) - The Octarius War is a major conflict being waged between the Orks of the Empire of Octarius and the Tyranids' Hive Fleet Leviathan. However, to some extent, the military forces of the Imperium of Man have also clashed with the forces of Chaos during this devastating conflict. The Knights of Abhorrence are one of several Space Marine Chapters currently engaged in this ongoing campaign.

Chapter Relics

Chapter Appearance

Chapter Colours

The Knights of Abhorrence primarily wear black power armour with teal shoulder pauldron trim. The Aquila or Imperialis worn on the chest plate is also teal.

The white squad tactical specialty symbol -- battleline, fire support, close support, Veteran or command -- is indicated on the right shoulder pauldron.

A black Low Gothic numeral prominently displayed upon it indicates a battle-brother's assigned squad.

The left shoulder pauldron proudly displays the Chapter's iconography.

A large white Low Gothic numeral stenciled on the left knee guard indicates company assignment.

Chapter Badge

The Knights of Abhorrence's Chapter badge consists of a white helm reminiscent of Old Earth's ancient Grecian Hoplite warriors, centred upon a field of black.


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