The Dreadblade Knight Tyrant Sire of Doom piloted by Kiro, armed with Plasma Decimator and Volcano Lance.

A Knight Tyrant is the designation given by the Imperium of Man to any Chaos Knight that was originally a Dominus Pattern Knight of any class.

So massive are the Knights Tyrant that they loom over even the other Chaos Knights that fight at their sides. Walking bastions of corruption, these massive suits carry the heaviest weapon systems available to the Fallen houses.

Their pilots delight in unleashing these armaments to their full devastating potential as they stride into battle. They often place themselves deliberately in harm's way, shrugging off the enemy's most deadly weaponry with insulting ease in order to gain the perfect firing point.

These Fallen Nobles tend towards towering arrogance and delusions of invincibility, a result of the spiritual bleed between themselves and the tainted machine spirits of the Knight suits they pilot.

Pilots of Knights Tyrant almost always become fused with their steeds, either due to an obsessive desire to become the biggest and most destructive warrior upon the battlefield, or else because they have simply been overmastered and subsumed by the beast within the war machine which they ride to war.

These mutated Nobles become the fleshy brains at the core of each mutated war engine, just as the Knights' pulsating dual plasma cores become their thundering hearts.


The House Khomentis Knight Tyrant Killing Oath piloted by Abesh, armed with Conflagration Cannon and Thundercoil Harpoon.

In terms of ranged weaponry, Knights Tyrant possess a wealth of potential armaments: Volcano Lances and Plasma Decimators make short work of even the largest and most distant armoured targets, while their daemonically-infused Shieldbreaker Missiles skip through the Warp itself to strike straight at the centre of any target.

Conflagration Cannons belch lurid Warpflame or spumes of plague-ridden atomised acids that annihilate the enemy at close range. Siegebreaker Cannons thump out steady bombardments to harass and wear down the foe.

Meanwhile, those Knights Tyrant armed with Thundercoil Harpoons are able to lay low even the largest war engines, monsters or fortifications -- the combination of a devastating initial impaling thrust, followed by macro-volt blasts of motive force before ripping chunks from the luckless victims as the harpoon is reeled back is as messy as it is effective.

Whether standing immovable in defence or marching unstoppable on the advance, the Knights Tyrant are the true heavyweights of the Fallen Knight houses.



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