Note: This article discusses material that was once considered canon but whose canonicity is now questionable.

Knight Baron

A Knight Baron

The Knight Baron is an Imperial Knight pattern suit piloted by a superior warrior with razor-sharp combat and Knight-handling skills. A Baron Knight usually leads a Knight squadron into battle. As a sign of their command and societal status, every Baron uses a Knight custom-built to their exact specifications. This Knight pattern's armour plating is thick and resilient, and heavily decorated with House symbols and fluttering pennants in the colours of the Baron's estates.

A Knight Baron is usually armed with a Battle Cannon and the destructive Power Lance, usually only found on Knight Lancers -- which also means that despite its exceptional sturdiness, the Knight Baron's armour is light enough to allow the machine to move fast enough to generate the charge necessary to operate the weapon, and to keep up with the charging Knight Lancers.

In battle, the Knight Baron leads the assaults of his kinsmen, crashing through enemy lines like a bolt of lightning with his followers hacking into the foe around him with redoubled pride and fervour.

Canon Conflict

The original incarnation of the Knight Baron was provided in the supplement found in Titan Legions (2nd Edition). This account of the Knight Baron's history has largely been superseded by newer canon in accordance to Codex: Imperial Knights (7th Edition). Please note that this version contains old background information that is no longer considered canon according to the current iteration of the Warhammer 40,000 universe.



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